Saturday, May 19, 2007

Do you wanna t-shirt? Ano, ja chcem t-shirt!

That was a jingle for some radio promotion in Slovakia back in 1999. As effective jingles often do, this one comes to mind pretty often when I hear the word 't-shirt'.

Ted and I are t-shirt kind of people. We don't wear them every day or anything, but we do enjoy a clever t-shirt. I'm especially a fan of the "Life is Good" brand of shirts, bags, etc. My sister wears a Life is Good baseball cap that says "What up, dog?" on it. I think she's pretty cute in that hat. Here's a photo of her wearing her cap three weeks ago at Merlefest. That's me with her. We were trying to make an indie-rock album cover. Sorry half the icon is covered up by her hoodie. The point is how cute my sister is in her cap.

She even let me wear her "What up, dog?" cap the next night, since it was pretty cold and she had a better jacket than I did. Here's me wearing her hat the next night while she's cussing her camera. We were watching Allison Kraus and Union Station here.

Tara has always been able to make funny faces, better than I can. Here's one of my favorites:

And so she doesn't get mad at me for posting weird pictures of her, here's a proof of how pretty she is, here all gussied up with a cross growing out of her head for my wedding. That's our Granny behind her, offering proof of our good genes--she's awfully pretty too.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of hats, here's the best hat I've ever seen:

True dat, true dat.

Since getting married to an optimist, I've discovered what a pessimist I tend to be. This is one of the biggest weaknesses I've been trying to change in myself, so when I came upon this Life is Good t-shirt last year in Sisters, Oregon, I figured that wearing the motto might make me more optimistic just by having it close to my body. It says "Half Full," in case it's too small. Here's me wearing the shirt at Old Faithful in Yellowstone last summer:

(Ted's also wearing a Life is Good shirt here. His says "Reality Show.")

Though we've known we're going to adopt for a few months now, Ted nor I had really bought anything for the new Baby Rooney. It felt sort of weird, and maybe I was feeling a little superstitious, the way some of my Slovak friend's mothers wouldn't let them buy much for the baby, even when they were eight-nine months pregnant. You don't want to jinx anything, which is pretty silly, I guess.

But when I was at Merlefest three weeks ago, I found a baby t-shirt that I couldn't pass up. It's the first thing either of us have bought for the new Rooney.


Jill said...

love it, love it, love it.

Love the baby t-shirt, love the blog, love your honesty.

I think it's a great idea and can empathize with much of your angst. From my experience, it doesn't get any better when you have the child in your hands...people still ask inappropriate questions...but you will care much much less than you do right now!

I'm looking forward to following the rest of your journey! jill

The Elliott Family said...

As a Christian, I am saddened by the fact that it is often "our own" who peer down from the pulpit in judgement. I know people who arent' Christian who know how to be more Christ-like! I have decided to chalk most comments up to ignorance and will cluck my tongue at them. Unless, of course, it is with true malice, and then I will tear into some hide.

Found your new blog on the Gladney site. These blogs are an awesome way to stay connected with your child before and after referral and are a great support.



Amy B. said...

Very cute shirt. We are starting our adoption with Gladney as well. We will be adopting an infant boy from Ethiopia. I am looking forward to following along with you. We might be traveling together to get our little ones :). We are currently in the process of moving to Indiana, so we have only had our phone orientation with Gladney and have made contact with a homestudy agency in Indiana. Our page is
Blessings, Amy