Friday, June 29, 2007

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Adoption news: Our insurance letter was not notarized in the right way for the state of California to approve it. Though we don't live in California, our insurance company is based there, so they have to notarize things according to state regulations. And ours wasn't done properly. This letter is becoming as troublesome as my medical form.

Oh well, it shouldn't set us back any though, since our home study is still being proofed, and INS in Oregon won't call us in to be fingerprinted until it's been received. One day, it'll all be done.

In the meantime...

As a follow-up to our favorite non-cuss words post: the writers of this commercial trump us all. It was the funniest thing I encountered yesterday, and let me tell ya, with the minute-by-minute hilarity that is our life, that's saying a lot.

"Who are you calling a cootie-queen, you lint-licker?"


The Elliott Family said...

That was a perfect ending to your contest!

I am rolling!

-Samantha- said...

I can't stop watching to go, I have youtube waiting for me