Friday, November 7, 2008

Change of Plans

Edited: So we're not going to Dallas after all, at least not this weekend.

This is the video that Abe asks to watch at least fifty times a day. He has now been waking up in the morning asking to see "mooo?" (moon), which continues through breakfast, before nap, after nap, etc. You get the point. I've always been a big Lisa Loeb fan, even getting to sit front row at a small concert in L.A. at a place called Largo (highly recommended if you're ever in the area) where she led us all in a game of pass-the-secret, so I'm happy that Abe likes this video as much as he does. And I want Lisa's skirt here. And her glasses and boots. And her belt and just her general cuteness.

A close second to this video is Stop and Go, where I want Elizabeth Mitchell's skirt this time. Both of these songs can be found on the CD named Catch the Moon, which I highly recommend.
We got it at the library. It comes with a DVD with these two videosMy singing "Little Red Caboose" can fix most anything that might be wrong with Abe.

While both Ted and I dig the Lisa Loeb video, all that sweetness and pretty puts a lump in my throat, every time having to choke back tears (no kidding). So this is the video that Ted and I enjoy best, though Abe is just so-so about it. At least he seems amused watching us dance to this one while he stands pretty stoically playing air-guitar:

Finally, the first moment I cried on Tuesday night was when a newscaster said, "There are going to be children in the White House again" and then later when our President-elect said, "Sasha and Malia, I love you both so much, and you have earned the new puppy that's coming with us to the White House." So this video cracked me up today. Funny. Happy weekend.


Kat & Stacy said...

We have loved Elizabeth Mitchell for years now. Yes, we were listening to kids music way before we wanted kids! Definitely go find her old cd's "you are my sunshine" (my fave) and "you are my flower" Both feature lots of great old folk songs. We like to call it 'back porch music.' :-) xoxo-kat

Julie said...

I wish I lived in Dallas! One of my all time favorite LA moments was seeing Aimee Mann @ Largo. Her scarf brushed up against me, and I made Steven ask a roadie for a copy of her set list. She was amazing! Now, they have moved Largo to a bigger venue. I haven't been there, but I bet it is not as cool. I love Lisa Loeb too. Steven has a big crush on her. Safe travels! Long live Cappy!

Amy B. said...

Sophie rocks out like a mad woman every time a Dan Zanes song comes on. She LOVES him! The skirt, the glasses, and the boots are too cute.

Jocelyn said...

Hey long are you going to be there?? Are you really driving?? Can we meet somewhere??? HELLOOO!!! You are going to be so close to Pacey....and I guess me!! Call me!!

Laurzie said...

Can I just say how terribly cool you are???

Blog Shmog said...

Lori, when Alivia was a baby and we wouldn't let her see any TV or movies (you know, because she was the first child and all :)) I would let her watch a short video on the Noggin website once in a while. The two Lisa Loeb videos were her favorites! And mine actually. :) I've always loved Lisa's cute style too.

Jim and Debbie said...

Let me know when you do head out this way so we can get together.

Carrie said...

I know a good Lisa Loeb video:

Claudia said...

I am so going to have to fix my computer's video playing abilities, aren't I?