Sunday, January 4, 2009


My son takes my electric toothbrush and brushes his few teeth until the charge runs out.

My husband notices this. I find my toothbrush sitting on the bathroom counter, fully charged.

This fact fills me with warmth. I am blessed.

Happy New Year.

It was a year ago today that this happened. As awful as it was, it's still a benchmark in our journey to Abe, so I can't help remembering.


coffeemom said...

It really IS the little things, isn't it? that can make or break. Ah, bliss. Happy New Year! Love M

los cazadores said...

Aw, sweetness. :)


Gretchen said...

Sweet, sweet story.

Happy New Year Lori Rooney!

Jocelyn said...

Ted is very sweet...I love hearing about the little things. I too believe that even this day a year ago is important to was part of your journey that led you to one amazing little boy!

tracey said...

so..unrelated to the toothbrush but...i was watching 'my name is earl' recently and during the first scene starting shouting, "that's abe rooney's father! that's abe rooney's father!" my boyfriend explained that ted has been on a lot of tv shows as a character actor. i was like "really? he's just abe rooney's father to me." ha!

Claudia said...

Ah, too too cute!

How amazing to think of all that God has done for you in this last year. I think it's great to have posts like that to remind you - wow - that really was hard, but he blessed you and got you through it. Who would have thought, on that day, that you'd be happily blogging about that little boy draining all the charge away from your toothbrush? What a year!

coffeemom said...

Just read the updated link to last year. I didn't remember this. And I can't imagine. And it hurts still to read this even though I know the end of the story. I'm done w/ my pity party of yesterday and so I can now sneer at my whining, certainly in relation to this valid and utter shock and despair. I hate that you went through this, but clearly, it was used to transform you into the perfect parents that you two are, for this amazing boy. God is good, ALL the time. Even when you are used to touch others through your pain and the grace you let show through in the throes of it all.

Happy new year Rooney family.


Julie said...

I like this year's January fourth much better than last year's... much better. So sorry you went through that sweet Lori. So glad you have your Abey baby in your arms where he belongs.

mama becca said...

Great husband :).
Crappy time last year :(.
But still a part of your journey... still a part of your joy to have him, to hold him forever.
love you

Eryn said...

What a year! Glad you're recharged, and enjoying both of the men in your life!

Stacie said...

Oh, the little things. So very sweet.

I re-read last year's post. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to read it this time knowing Abe is home with his beautiful family. (I'm sure you know how truly wonderful it is :)

PVZ said...

For some reason I was thinking the other day of how amazing it will be one day for Abe to read your stories about your journey to becoming a family. The whole thing makes me laugh and cry at the same time.

Danni and Tommy said...

I remember so vividly reading the post a year ago and all the emotions I felt and words I couldn't find. It makes me cry with happiness to know your family now.
Yes, you are blessed. It's the little things...well, AND the big things :)