Thursday, April 30, 2009


This beautiful face is the face of someone very very very special to the Rooneys. She is the daughter of "Coffeedoc and Coffeemom." Coffeemom is one of my favorite people out there in blogland. I first met her when we were able to meet, hug, play with the fabulous hair of, and take photos of their son Gabe, who was in Addis waiting to come home. Then I really started to read Coffeemoms blog, and I found myself challenged to live better, to give more of myself, to accept who I am (and the age I am and my wrinkles), and to listen more closely to what God might be whispering to me. I have printed a couple of Coffeemom's pieces and taped them to the door in my bathroom, to remind myself of these things.

Ted and I decided last year to jump on board the Children's Hope Chest child sponsorship program. We were excited to find out who our child would be, as we had already met a lot of the children at Kebebetsehay Orphanage. We kept wondering if our sponsored child would be one that we'd met, hugged, sat beside and held hands with.

Several weeks ago, we got the news of our sponsored child. I opened up the email and saw a face I didn't recognize. I just thought, "oh well, we'll get to know this one." A few days later, I was emailing with Coffeemom, and she sent me her newest photo of her girl. I scrolled down to the bottom of the email and saw the face of our sponsored child. Our Children's Hope Chest sponsored child is also Marta, Coffeemom's Marta.

I immediately yelled for Ted and burst into tears. I couldn't believe it. Of all the dozens and dozens of children that are being sponsored, we were matched with the child who would become the daughter of a woman I see as one of my life's mentors. Before the day was out, Coffeemom and I were on the phone, crying, and discussing what is 'coincidence', what is not, and how difficult it is to want to have all your chicks in the same nest, all together, safe and warm with you.

Marta is their daughter officially. They passed court a while back (if you haven't seen the video, seriously: go here and watch until the very end. This is, hands down, my favorite adoption video yet. fyi: "Buddybug" is Marta's brother, who she is waiting to meet) but are waiting now for one glitch to get cleared up so that Marta can come home to her safe nest. It's kind of a serious 'glitch."

Today, Becca has organized a fast/prayer. Would you join in? These things are always a mystery to me, but like Becca said, "I want to be a part of pleading with God to change this situation. This is what I can do. I have no other political or governmental power. This is it." I feel the same. This is all I can do. Could you join in too?

By the by, now that Marta is officially adopted, we will be matched with a new child...seriously curious about this one too.


Danni and Tommy said...

I love this post.

Oh, and I have I mentioned recently that I miss you? I do. Let's chat soon.

Jocelyn said...

That is seriously amazing...what are the odds?? She is a beautiful little girl!

Jana said...

perfectly amazing. i will join you, and already have.

Blog Shmog said...

This is awesome Lori. What an amazing connection...

Maybe see you Saturday??

coffeemom said...

Ok, just found this. And of course, you put me right back into sobbing.

And it doesn't matter if you get matched with another Hope Chest will always be Marta's extended family in OUR book! So, we are family, how 'bout that (you poor thing!).
Bless you for the fasting and prayers. Just bless you so many times over. All of you, for all of it. I"m speechless.
Must stop typing....and crying. Much love, M

Karen said...

Unintentionally fasted during the day due to being overly busy at work, but is intentionally praying for a resolution of the situation!

jen said...


Stacie said...

Wow Lori - that is amazing.