Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SoCal Again

We are back in Los Angeles, for one last "stint." Um, at least we think so. Unless we come back later. Which we won't really know for sure right away...or ever. But this is where we are for now. I'm working on a "Toddler Travel 101" post since well, we're on airplanes a lot.

Just finished The Color of Water. Cried. Inspired. Challenged. I'm moving on from this to a glittery paperback book with a bare-chested guy on the front, who I think might have some superpower. It was recommended by a friend whose suggestions I've always taken and always ended up loving, but... glittery bare-chested dude? I was slightly embarrassed for Ted to find it when I got home from the bookstore. We'll see.

"The plain truth is that you'd have an easier time standing in the middle of the Mississippi River and requesting that it flow backward than to expect people of different races and backgrounds to stop loving each other, stop marrying each other, stop starting families, stop enjoying the dreams that love inspires. Love is unstoppable. It is our greatest weapon, a natural force, created by God." --James McBride.

*if the person who recognizes the necklace I'm wearing here could send me an email, I'd appreciate it very much: ourownrooney@gmail.com. Thanks.


mama becca said...

dude. that is an awesome quote.
sending lots of love to you from the land of the 'fest.

Danni and Tommy said...

I loved that book. I'm so glad you had a chance to read it.
After I finished The Color of Water, I read Twilight (and loved it). It's important to mix it up. Let me know how the bare-chested guy book is...I'm already curious.
Will you be in LA for long? I'm going out of town this weekend, but maybe we could get together next? This really should have been an email rather than a comment.
Miss you,

Adoption Cubed said...

I read "The Color of Water" when we were waiting for our first adoption. Such an amazing tribute. I too often forget to mention it and recommend it.


Rebecca said...

I'm excited about the book recommendation. I've added it to my amazon wish list and will (hopefully!) be buying it very soon.

Stacie said...

Giggling about the bare-chested guy. That's Jace, by the way. :)

And, you already know how I feel about CoW - and I love the quote you chose from it. Beautiful.