Sunday, June 14, 2009

Favorite Birthday Shots

I have been somehow blessed to be friends with several amazingly talented photographers. Many of these photos were taken by them. I have given credit where it's due.

I think Keith Sager had the camera at this point. This picture says "pure joy" to me.

by Erin Sager

by me

Abe was ready to get the party started. This was the most dressed he was all day. It lasted ten minutes. Photo by me.

Our friend Jim saved the day by refilling the propane tank when we realized the hot dogs weren't cooking. Thanks, Jim!

Abe telling you that he is 2. Photo by Autumn Lapour.

Photo by Autumn Lapour. A mistake-shot but my favorite of the day.

Photo by Autumn Lapour.

Photo by Erin Sager.

Photo by Erin Sager.

Photo by Erin Sager. My new favorite photo of Abe.

Photo by Erin Sager.

Photo by Erin Sager. Sweet Mezzie goodness. I adore that girl.

Photo by Erin Sager. Abe is telling you he's 2 again.

End of the day with Daddy, playing with bubbles again. Photo by me.


Kat & Stacy said...

ok...that last picture, of Ted and Abe from behind... gorgeous! I love how timeless it looks...was it taken in the 70's? was it taken in 09? You can't really tell. Happy Birthday Abe!

Amy B. said...

Happy Birthday, Abe! Looks like you had a lot of two year old fun.

emily said...

Happy birthday buddy!! Abe with the bubbles and Abe genuinely looking really interested in his yellow card are my favorites. :)

Erin Sager said...

Its not the photographers.....Its all the beautiful people......What a great birthday party, I did love the fact that I saw Abe in about 4 outfits all night...He could not get enough of the pool.....good times

Julie said...

Seriously beautiful shots! What a great party. I think Abe ended up being as excited as you were.

Gretchen said...

So many beautiful pictures... so much delight... such great captions. Abe- you look so serious when you are showing the world your age. I dig it. I dig you.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Abe! Sweet boy. - Julie O. & Sentayehu O.

Danni and Tommy said...

Beautiful people, beautiful pictures! Looks like a perfect day!
Happy Birthday sweet Abe!

Staci said...

Happy birthday to a delightful little boy!

Ladybugs appear said...

awesome pics and what great memories.

Blog Shmog said...

LOVE these shots!! So sorry I missed Abe's big day. :( He is a precious 2 year old!

We just got back from the our second trip to the coast today. My fam is here for a few more days. Then I will look into a get together with my Portland peeps sometime soon. :)

Rusty Spell said...

Actually, I think on that next-to-last picture Abe's telling you "live long and prosper." He must have seen the new Trek movie.