Sunday, October 11, 2009

On the Brink and in the Trenches

Beautiful writing from someone on the brink of parenthood: go here. Read the post titled "Deeper Love."

More beautiful writing from someone in the trenches: go here.

I am so lucky to know both of these amazing women and even call both of them my friends. Lucky, lucky me.

Last night, Abe went to his first wedding, decked out in his first sports jacket, eating his first crabcake:
Where he got smooches from the bride and danced to "Copa Cabana":
Now Pappy, my dad, is in town. Abe was so excited last night after picking him up from the airport that he laid in bed talking to himself and singing until well after midnight. Pictures to come...


Danni and Tommy said...

Yes, beautiful women to call friends.

I love Abe's wedding look. Very stylish.

Onepot said...

Handsome guy.

More Dorrs said...

I was just telling someone this weekend that one of the highlights of this journey has been the wonderful women I have met along the way. Like you.

I'm so glad to have you in my life!


Rebecca said...

I hope you will be my friend!