Monday, December 21, 2009

New York Moment 7

I wasn't actually present for this one. While Abe was napping, Ted went out to get groceries and a Christmas tree. All the strapping, majestic sorts of trees that we're used to in Oregon had been sold out by the late afternoon, but Ted was determined not to come home empty-handed. He asked about the one small, spindly, Charlie-Brown tree in the corner of a stall set up on the sidewalk. The worker said it wasn't for sale, that it was destined for the garbage. Ted asked if he could buy it. The worker, after talking with the manager, sold it to us for $3.99.

With tree and two heavy bags of groceries, Ted noticed a woman with two African-American children standing with him at the bus stop. He found out that they were twins, adopted from Ethiopia. Their mother asked if we knew these people. Well, yes we do. For the next twenty minutes on the bus, they talked and exchanged info, and now we're making plans via email to get together to let the kids play.

What are the chances? In a huge city like New York, at a random bus stop, we make a connection like this? And to think it would never have happened without this blogging community. Happy holidays, indeed.


Heidi said...

Wow! That just gave me goosebumps! And a tree for $3.99 in the city? I'm super impressed!

I keep thinking about your post when Abe was asleep in the Ergo.I've been wondering at what age it no longer makes sense to carry them like that. So if my referral is for a 2 yrs old I can still plan on baby-wearing? That would so make my day!

Tim said...

Oh Lori--I can't tell you how this feels me with joy. If you have a chance, rush on over to Brooklyn to meet Aster & Terefech. They are the very definition of cool.

Claudia said...

I just DO NOT HAVE THE WORDS for how jealous I am of you! we are currently watching all through friends for the first time - I didn't see it when it was on TV very much - and I want to be you!!

Nicholas said...

That's more than insane crazy! I love stories like this one! What better time of the year to be spending in NYC???? Drink it all in, I know you are!