Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Our neighbor from my home state brought over a plate of hot fried green tomatoes the other day. I wanted a pic of Abe with them simply because I take pictures of every little thing. He wasn't into it. He kept rolling around on the floor and running away from me.

Ever since we saw Peter Pan a couple of months ago, Abe has been enamored with the idea of being an actor. His regular babysitter is a young actor who is leaving to study professional acting in Seattle. His dad is an actor. Abe wants to be one too (for now, you know how these things go). So I told him, "Abe, all good actors know how to take direction. I am your director. You are my actor. Let's take some photos."

Those were the magic words. This is what happened then (with very little direction from me. I think all I told him was to lay on his tummy. He came up with the rest):

The next day, we're swimming at a lake, and Ted pulls out the camera. This happens:

Would someone please hire this kid? Wouldn't you buy a plate of fried green tomatoes from him? Anyone in the market for a small brown leaf?

I almost forgot: Al Green Wednesday. This is one of my favorites ever.


Staci said...

One leaf and four fried green tomatoes please. The kid's got pizazz!

Us4 Cats said...

great photos !!!


Christine said...

oh my, he is simply delightful!

Stephanie said...

ohmyword! LORI! Seriously. He's such a natural that reading your blog makes me feel exactly like I do when I'm watching a good movie. That Abe. The camera loves his mug!

Meg said...

How adorable! ...and great lighting in the tomato pics! What a ham!!

Erin Sager said...

you guys are all to cute...

Corinne said...

he's a natural!

Lori S said...

He has a future in acting/modeling for sure!! Great pictures!

Unknown said...

So adorable! We're a fellow Gladney family ( waiting at the top of the list for twins! I look forward to following along on your journey and excited to see your referral post!

Kitty said...

ha. I love the 3rd photo and the series in the water.

Mark produces and directs commercials. I would recommend getting Abe into that niche if he and you are into it. He's incredibly photogenic.

A lot of kids aren't good with cameras. Kids that take instruction well and are natural with the camera can do very well monetarily with commercial gigs. Only a day or two of work per project can be lucrative.

Mark says they need to be able to deal with a long day with many adults around. He says boys have a harder time being disciplined than little girls. He recommends starting with print work.

If you have questions let me know and I can ask him more about it.

Best, K