Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Footsteps to Healing Event

One of my neighbors came by a few weeks ago to tell me that she'd just signed on to go on a trip to Ethiopia this November. She's an RN at OHSU. I wanted to pass along some information about an event you might be interested in if you live in the Portland area:

The problem: Women in rural Ethiopia experience one of the world’s highest rates of maternal mortality and morbidity due to lack of access to basic obstetric care. As a result, women in these areas suffer from long-term complications such as obstetric fistula and pelvic organ prolapse.

The goal:
To alleviate this dire situation, a group of health care providers from OHSU will be travelling to Gimbie Adventist Hospital in Western Ethiopia in November 2010. The team will perform over 40-50 life-altering surgeries while providing training to the two local Ethiopian surgeons to build the capacity to perform these services in perpetuity. Additionally, a partnership will be created between OHSU midwives and nurses and the nursing school at Gimbie en route to a long-term family planning and midwifery training collaboration


More Dorrs said...

This is so up my alley!! Thanks for sharing this!

I've been thinking about you guys...we should get together soon, eh? It has been a while -- too long!


Claudia said...

okay, can't go to this because it's about 10000 miles out of my neighbourhood. But have I said how much I love the photo in your header at the moment? I really, really love it.