Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Abe has always been pretty verbal. His first words started coming at about 10 months. There's been an explosion of late though. Just tonight, he was using the phrasing "to be similar to," as in "Abe is similar like Caillou." While age 3 has been the most challenging so far when it comes to discipline, it has also been the most fun with conversations. I'm left every day at some point shaking my head in wonder at what comes out of our son's mouth. It makes me wish I could spend a day, or just an hour, inside his head (and really: how cool would it be to know what your kid's dreams look like?).

Some of the most interesting things Abe says happen when he's first woken up from a nap or when we're taking him out of the bathtub. One night this week when he was getting out of the bath, he used the word "imagination." I wasn't sure if he knew what it meant or not, so I asked him to explain to me what it was. This is what he said, verbatim:

"Imagination is just a drawer in your heart where you have pictures... and beavers."

We seem to be living with a linguistic genius.

My favorite picture from Halloween 2010


Elisabeth said...

That is EXACTLY what imagination is! I heart him.

Thank you for the smile this morning!

Stephanie said...

oh, Lori!

I've just burst into tears at that sentence! When you write your book about adoption from other lands and motherhood and singing the blues in the living room, call it
"Imagination is just a drawer in your heart where you have pictures... and beavers." -- that is a perfect sentence.

coffeemom said...

Just keep writing these down....so you don't forget! YOu think you'll remember them all, and you do remember some...but really they are priceless. I'm so glad you're blogging this stuff. (and I need to get better myself at logging or blogging the ones that make me grin and wonder from Gabey and Tonio, they are both at that age too....)

Love this!

Anonymous said...

A linguistic genius and/or a future Oregon State student. Hey, maybe you guys could buy our house in Corvallis!

Cindy said...

Love it! Cute Halloween pictures too!

Meg said...

Very wise indeed. Go glad you are writing this stuff down, it's priceless. May we all keep those drawers open in our hearts for as long as possible =)

Anonymous said...

I hope Abe learn Amharic in the future as well.