Sunday, December 12, 2010


Abe and I are getting ready to mix together some sugar cookie batter. One of his jobs is to open the butter, taking off the wrapping and putting the sticks in the bowl. He takes off the paper of one stick. I turn my back for one second and, quick as lightening, he takes a huge bite of the butter, leaving a deep trail of tiny teeth marks in it.

I yell, "Abe Rooney! That's disgusting! Don't do that!"

I make him spit it out. I turn around towards the sink and smile. Then I crack up.

"Mom? What are you laughing at?"

Joyful, sneaky, butter-loving boy, I love you so.


Christine said...

Very sweet!

coffeemom said...

Sweet! Gross, but sweet! My kids like to snag butter like that too....grosses me out. But somehow they do the same thing. Funny.

Autumn and Dan's family said...

Apparently he likes coffee creamer too. I saw him sneak a pinch at Africa House. I though it was cute.