Saturday, April 2, 2011

Being Abe

Being Abe means making this face when things aren't going 100% fully to your liking.

Being Abe means doing things like this to your favorite cat. He's the favorite of the three-year-old for a reason.

Being Abe means riding the plasma car around the house a lot, occasionally sharing it with others (this is the shirt I was wearing the day we met Abe).

Being Abe means asking dozens of times a day "Can you tell me a story about when you were a little boy/girl?" and then listening with rapt focus when someone obliges the request.

It means not getting your new toy until you've found the one you just lost by throwing it down the stairs to the basement. In this case, it was a small Obama action figure. In the meantime, Batman and Associates have taken over. We're hoping the president is found soon.

Being Abe means practicing to perfection the Peter Pan bow.

Being Abe also means having phased out of naps but still wanting to snuggle mom, who he calls his "favorite girl," thus making the girl's heart melt to putty.


Jill said...

phased out of naps! that is bittersweet, freedom, but no more free time.

Christine said...

Who wouldn't want to be Abe? I love him staring at that man and listening to his story. oh my gosh, that is rapt focus!

Meg said...

Being Abe looks pretty great to me! Love the Peter Pan bow!

Rebecca said...

Being Abe looks pretty amazing.

I'm pretty sure snuggles are the best medicine in the world.