Monday, November 28, 2011

Why I Hardly Blog Anymore

Our kids exasperate us sometimes, which I'm pretty much over with. Parents shouldn't be as exasperated as we are. That's why my son is upstairs asleep right now: he wouldn't eat his lunch and rather than get exasperated with him, after giving him the choice (twice) between a nap and lunch, I just made the choice for him.

Okay, nevermind, he's up. Maybe that didn't work so well.

Our kids also get along really well these days, so well that Thanksgiving week flew by with the two of them out of school the whole time. They create these little worlds now with each other using a few random items like a long string and laundry basket. They'll be swimming away from sharks or something, for hours.

Our daughter was described at parent-teacher conferences as a "teacher's dream." She's also well above every single benchmark that kids in her grade are supposed to have reached by this point in the year. She's so well above that we wonder if she should be in a higher grade. She won an award for "enthusiasm" last month. She now refers to most females, no matter the age, "that young lady," which is really all kinds of wonderful.

We have our Christmas tree up now. We hosted Thanksgiving with a brined turkey that was the best one ever. We are trying to explain to our daughter the difference between the holiday season and Christmas day. It's a lot to take in for her.

Vivid dreams lately, things like being held hostage and plane crashes and eating big bowls of sugary cereal with famous rappers.

This is why I don't blog as much anymore. These are the sorts of things I have to say at the moment.


Sha Zam- said...

Baahaaa! At least you're dreaming! It was almost a year I think before I dreamed again

Danni and Tommy said...

I'm jealous about the sugary cereal with rappers.

I really do think we are living parallel lives.

Much love to you.

AshliYoung said...

you have some quality stuff here. hope you're not discounting it b/c it's not as much as it used to be/what you think it should be. until last week i hadn't written anything since the spring. and i'm not really sure i had anything to say, but felt a little pressured from my mom. hah! i think (hope) it made her happy. what you write is enough. and it's beautiful.