Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 Calendars!

I have written here before about my job working with elder immigrant and refugees from Africa. I really love this work; in fact, most days it doesn't even feel like work. Something that often happens with volunteers in the program happened this morning: a volunteer ESL teacher found out yesterday about a change in her work schedule and has to leave our program. At the end of her class today, her eyes got red and she stood quietly looking at the elders. I asked if she was okay, and she told me how much she's going to miss coming. I told her, "They are endearing, aren't they?" She nodded, told them all goodbye and promised to visit.

Part of the program for these elders is an art class every Friday morning. In order to raise some money for art supplies, I had some 2012 calendars printed that feature one elder's artwork each month. I sold most of them already but one person who told me she was going to sell a stack of them at her yoga class flaked out and brought them back to me this morning.

So. Lucky you! I'm now offering the last of them here if anyone might be interested. All proceeds from the calendar go to buying art supplies for our wonderful elders. If you are interested in buying one, please email me at ourownrooney at gmail dot com, and I can give you details on how to get one. I can ship them anywhere easily. They are $20, plus shipping.

They were printed at shutterfly and really are wonderful quality. Here is a peek at what they look like:


Anonymous said...

Must Have One - emailing now.

Sharon said...

Beautiful-I'll take one!

Rebecca said...

I also want one! Email me and let me know how to pay you. rebeccalynnwinter at gmail dot com

And thanks for your comment on my latest post. Thanks for letting me have my feelings and not trying to make things better. Because you and I both know that things are just hard sometimes on this road.

Claudia said...

can you ship it all the way to me? If so, I'll take one too! (You've got my email address!)

Claudia said...

ps I want to say something nasty about the person who flaked on selling these, but that could totally have been me any time over the last year or so so I'll be restrained!

Gretchen said...

I love, love, love my calendar. Such fine quality and beautiful pictures and so on and so forth. I heart your job. I heart your elders. I heart Lori.