Thursday, January 12, 2012

These Days Are Numbered

The sun came out today in a brilliant sort of way. I didn't go to work. I have been at home all day with our youngest while our kindergartener is at school. A friend who has a one-year-old came over this morning and had tea. It got me thinking about what those days were like when Abe was that age. The days did seem long and sometimes monotonous, but boy were they sweet.

Abe's been asking me a lot lately, "Can we do something just you and me?" So I let him pick where we went. We took a walk in the sun to a grocery store about a mile away that has nice free samples. He sang the Star Wars theme the whole way there and back, pedaling along on his little bike. We crossed very carefully the busy street together to go to the tiny little shop where I get my favorite tea. We took our time.

One of my favorite friends here in Portland I met when she had only a three-year-old. We met when Abe was only a baby, and the two of us would hang out a lot with our two kids on the days her son didn't go to preschool. It was just the two kids. Two. Now in just three years, there's five. Our two oldest are both in elementary school. Another two are in the same preschool (on different days). There's also a nice squishy baby in the mix. I saw her earlier this week and got to thinking again about the passage of time.

As Abe and I were on our walk today I couldn't help feeling a little happy that I've had to cut back on the hours I work. The timing is good. This spring is the last time that we will have a little one at home, one who doesn't spend the bulk of his week at school. I want to savor these last few days of having a preschooler following me around the house asking for hot chocolate or to read a book or to snuggle with me while sucking his thumb. These last remnants of the baby will fly away with the falling leaves this September when he's off to kindergarten. Of course we'll celebrate this milestone, but there's some melancholy mixed in there too.

Here's to savoring some slow sunny days at home before they're all gone.


Sharon said...

Yes, savor every moment you can.

Julie said...

I can relate. xoxo.

Abby/Roger said...

Thank you for reminding me to savor. I try to savor every day, but, well, I am not very good at savoring sometimes in the midst of 24/7 1 yr old and 2 yr old. Sometimes it is only survival that I feel. So thank you for the reminder these days are fleeting.

The Hedwall Family said...

Got me all weepy as Eva's 4th birthday is next week!

Claudia said...

Ah, this made me all choked up.

Dani Schmidt said...

Lovely post. I feel the same way.