Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Garden of Your Mind

I am unashamed to admit that I love Mr. Rogers.  Beti loves when we watch the show online.  Whenever he asks a question to his television friends, she always answers him out loud as if he were sitting across from her.  She used to do this when she first got here and would watch Tsehai Loves Learning.  I love this about her. Abe complains when we watch Mr. Rogers, saying that it's "boring," but one night this week, when Mr. Rogers suggested we all go to the land of make-believe, Abe sat up straight and yelled, "Oh! I love this part! Yay!"

I am also unashamed to admit that I sat through this video with a growing smile on my stupid face and then was crying by the end of it.  There was never a purer soul than Fred Rogers.


Jo Hertel said...

Oh wow, haven't seen Mr. Rogers in forever. Used to love watching him too - thanks for reminding me why.

Ted Rooney said...

Mr. Rogers kicks butt - encouragement wise.