Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"Jesus and the Chicken Fight"

We were out of town for almost two weeks.  I would like to be able to compose a more better written (see?) post about anything really but I'm recovering from this: ever had searing pain behind your left eye and into the left ear that blurs your vision in the right eye, making everything in about fifty percent of your field of vision look as if it was rolling in waves?  It lasted ten minutes, during Abe's pre-kindergarten hearing/vision test.  I had to hold onto the wall and try not to throw up.  It was awesome.  I came home and slept like a log, something I never do in the middle of the day.  

I did not reemerge to write about my strange episode today.  I came here to ask you to read this post about the ever-important chicken divide facing our nation today. She sums up so well how I felt tonight while seeing the photos in my newsfeed from folks who went out today to "support traditional marriage."  Ugh.  Folks, once you've done something real and lasting to love the least of these, alleviate the suffering of the widows and orphans, bring compassion to those in prison and exile, my guess is that Jesus might not be so impressed by your long lines at a chicken franchise today.  Get your chicken-fed selves out there tomorrow to do the real work of Jesus, alright?

Go read "Jesus and the Chicken Fight."


Gretchen said...

I'm screaming from your vivid description of a migraine. SCREAMING! AGGGHHH!! The agony!!

And not that anyone cares, but I've never supported CFL. Poor little chickens.

AnnaJ said...

Yep, the chicken fight has obsessed the country for a week or two - be happy you were on vacation. Your previous blog about your pastor missing the boat re: not giving examples of sorry that this was your experience - happens too often (as a former pastor I can only apologize - and say I tried to give examples, I tried to be in the moment and mostly succeeded- now I parent and listen to NPR on Sundays) From these two blog posts alone I feel like we could talk for hours - thanks for sharing. HAppy Weekend. jolie