Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Interesting guest house

I can't figure out any way to make the following interesting, so I'll just lay it out there for ya.

Today, we got our FBI letters in the mail with our sets of fingerprints and a big "no arrests" stamped on them. That's a good thing.

However, we did find out that we didn't do our I-600A form correctly, which we mailed off ages ago. Filing this form is one of the first things you have to do in the whole adoption process, and so we were concerned that this might set us back. Thankfully, it most likely won't, so tomorrow, we're resubmitting in the correct form with the right cover letters and other documents that have to be included.

Since we have a social worker coming next week, we went ahead and hired Kate in New York to handle our foreign dossier, since these requirements are beyond confusing. Most, if not all, of Gladney's parents have used Kate's services. It's apparently well worth it, as I could imagine after looking at what all has to be authenticated, certified, notarized, etc in all sorts of different levels (state, federal, etc). Jiminy Christmas, as Ted says.

Still waiting for our letter from the online course to come in verifying that we finished and also for my doctor's office staff to fax that medical report.

Isn't this so interesting?

We did sit down today and try to figure out the time-line of when we could potentially be traveling over. I'm trying to expect the delays everyone talks about, and nothing being sure is sure, but we were both surprised by how soon it could actually be...though still a few months away.

Oh! And I got pretty excited about this place today:

It's a guest house in Adis Ababa, which appeals to Ted and I so much more than staying at the Hilton or the Sheraton, the two main choices we've heard about. Both of those are super-expensive and in some of the reviews I read online, people talked about the stark contrast between the luxury of the hotels and the extreme poverty right outside. We are excited about the possibility of staying in an Ethiopian owned and run establishment, especially this particular guest house, since they use all their profit for service projects like building wells. Pretty cool.

Hopefully the next entry might be more interesting.


Amy B. said...

My husband and I have had the same discussions about staying at one of the swanky hotels vs. a guest house. We can't really justify the Hilton or the Sheraton (just in our minds...not that we have a problem with other people staying there). I have found a couple of guest houses that are really nice. Amy

Lori said...

We believe very strongly in supporting the local economy, which is why these guest-houses appeal so much to us. Maybe if we end up traveling at the same time, we can stay there together.