Saturday, September 22, 2007

Happy Birthday, Ted!

From who you were:
To the first time I saw you:
Even to the second and third:
I knew: Ted is someone special.

For the way you root for the underdog:

And the gillions of ways you've made my life pretty interesting:
Happy Birthday. So glad that you're the future Baby Daddy. I wubbu.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Ted!! Best wishes.

Celebrate to the fullest. I'm happy for you, Lori, that you've found someone so animated! :)


Jana said...

Happy b-day from Texas!!! ;0)

Carrie said...

Another happy birthday from TX to our favorite ballerina, Ted.

Amy B. said...

Those are some fun pictures! You both seem to have so much fun together! Happy Birthday to Ted! The Blades of Glory picture is really funny. Amy

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Ted! I thought of you today. I saw Abraham Lincoln lollipops at ArcLight.

Drew Carey Show said...

Like I've said before, Ted should really come out of his shell. Maybe this will be his year! Happy b-day, super star!

Susan Isaacs said...

Aw, happy birthday Ted!! Love the boxer shorts. Nothing like taking home art from a trip to Italy.