Wednesday, September 12, 2007

On the Road Again

We got our dads on their planes home--my dad forgoing the Italy portion of the trip thanks to a bad back. This is what they both looked like leaving. We like to wear hats:

Now we're in Verona, where you can rub Juliet's shiny boob and eat lots of gnocchi. There's a lot of pigeons around, and I got a couple of cats to come running when I called them from the third floor balcony where we're staying. I also met a friendly priest this morning, and tonight we're taking an Italian boy-scout troop leader out for pizza. I've also decided that, when in Italy, wear lipstick and that, in general, Audrey Hepburn is my hero.

Thanks to Pat and Rusty for participating in the last caption contest. I guess that one was harder than the last, but both captions were pretty funny. You both win prizes. Pat, though, I'm not sure if you're relative-Pat or some other Pat. Send me your email in a comment so I can send you your prize.

Now we're going for a pre-dinner walk, so no pictures of Italy here yet. But do check out my photo blog, where I've put a couple.

More coherent postings to come (hopefully).

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