Sunday, December 30, 2007

Neezer Gear!

Okay, I admit it: shopping for baby clothes is fun. I'd avoided it for a long time since my way of coping was to tell myself that we weren't going to hear about our baby until well into 2008, so why torture myself with an empty room stocked with baby stuff? And besides that, we didn't know if a boy or girl was in the cards for us, but now that we know... what fun.

With Portland being a hippie-dippie, recycling kind of town, it's easy to find good quality childrens' gear at consignment shops. I found a rack Saturday with all items only $1 a piece, so guess who stocked up?

I'm not a huge fan of the turtle overalls, but since they were just a dollar, I figured, what the hey? He can wear them this summer and get them dirty. I'm a big fan of kids clothes like the ones on the left in the above photo: clothes that just look like shrunken adult clothes. Kids are cute enough anyway: why guild the lily with cutesy characters?

Well...the cutesy characters rule doesn't apply to sleepers:
This tshirt he won't be able to wear for another year or so, but I'm keeping everything together. The "My Dad's a Geek" onesie: well now, is there really any question about that one?
We got these in Ireland this summer and stuffed them with grocery bags for our Christmas brunch prayer photo. We can't wait to fill them with Baby Rooney.

We have friends loaning us a Moses basket, a wooden high chair (love those things), and various other items. We're on the lookout now for good carseat and an Ergo Baby Carrier, plus all the other items on our list to travel with. A friend who's made two trips to Ethiopia with kids told me today to plan on one diaper per hour on the flight. She planned this way and used every stinkin' (literally) one of hers. Holy Crap.

So with this court date coming so soon, I've had the occasional moments of panic and general feeling of being absolutely overwhelmed with all that has to be done (and have I mentioned we're in the middle of a kitchen remodel?)...but then I take a look at that chubby, rosy, thumb-sucking little face, and all the worry fades. It's all going to be okay in the end, God willing, help us, Jesus.


Kari said...

Dear Lori, I stumbled onto your blog thru Jana Funderburk's blog. Congratulations on your beautiful referral...he's precious and looks so healthy. We are also adopting from ET, however we are with a different agency. How long were you DTE...waiting for your referral? It sounds like you flew thru very quickly with a court date. A miracle!!! We would love to hear more about the process w/ Gladney...we are brand new in the adoption world and in a brand new ET program. Any insight would be fantastic.:)
Kari Gibson

Amy B. said...

You are going to be a great mom!!! You know why?? It won't be because you have everything in order or because you have all the right stuff. You are going to be a great mom because you love this little boy...because you will hold him, love him, feed him, play with him. Everything else works itself out! That is really great that you have friends that can hand stuff down though. I hope the kitchen remodel goes alright and doesn't add too much stress to the packing madness. I love all the little clothes...very cute. I also LOVE resale shops...for sure my favorite place to shop.

Amy said...

I love the clothes. Shopping for little boys is FUN! :) I am also not a fan of character-ish clothing...but agree with you that anything goes on sleepers!

I can't believe how soon your court date is!! Wee!

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see HIM in all this cute stuff.

thanks for coming over last night and missing out on the rest of your neighborhood thing. it meant a lot to jim.

fun to see you guys!

Jana said...

it's going to turn out great. *mush*

I've heard wonderful things about the ergo. Have you looked at the yahoo group called "babywearing swap," or something like that?

thinking of you guys....

LISA said...

Cute clothes, cute baby!

The Elliott Family said...

Old Navy has great "shrunken adult" clothes for boys and their colors usually always mix and match(the blues are the same, the oranges are the same, etc.)

I happen to have a brand new onesie (6-9 mos) that we bought before we found out that our Piper was a big girl, that is plain white, but in black letters says on the front"Shhh..don't tell my parents, but they don't look anything like me!"

I would be happy to send it to you, if you think it would fit li'l Neezer(I LOVE that name!). Just shoot me an email with your address and I'll send it to you!


Stacie said...

Such cute stuff! I'm with you on the cutesy character stuff. Had to tell the whole family - "NO character shirts! Only jammies!" But the turtle is cute - not too much- and it will look adorable on Neezer. (I almost typed Neezie?)
Isn't it so much fun shopping for your little one? Love it! :)