Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wait til Friday

Ted kept saying yesterday, "Tomorrow's a big day!" I shut him down every time, reminding him that the chances are high of more delays. I also reminded him that reminding me of a "big day" only makes me unable to sleep. So we got up this morning to an email from our caseworker saying that the Gladney reps went to court Thursday and were told to come back Friday, that whoever is reading our case wasn't through reviewing it.

Some general positives:

Jocelyn sent me more pictures yesterday, a couple with facial expressions I'd not seen Abe make before. In one, he's holding Jocelyn's sister's hand and staring up at her like he has a big ole' crush. Heartbreakingly cute.

I got up this morning to red roses at my desk and the smell of bacon coming from the kitchen. My man made me breakfast.

Our flooring for the kitchen finally arrived yesterday.

I just got out of jury duty in Los Angeles, since we don't live there anymore.

I've been invited to a mass where my friend lights a candle every week for Abe. This same friend is going to introduce me to an African American friend who is part of an integrated church in North Portland. I need this.

A writer-friend told me she thinks I have a book in me.

I have a heart of flesh, not of stone.*

*Wait, that is a positive right? ...sometimes it doesn't feel like it. Today I can't dry the tears up, and I'm scared Ted's going to think I didn't like his maple-bacon (seriously: he purposely drizzled maple syrup on the bacon, turning it into this weird yet tasty twizzler-stick type sweet bacon candy). I even tried freezing my tear ducts by a bike ride in the frigid air today but all that did was make my inner ears ache from all the freezing cold wind.


Meredith said...

Happy Valentine's Day! My man made me breakfast too! I woke up at 5:45 am to the sound of the fire alarm going off cause the pancakes were smoking up the house. Anyway, I have thought all along you should write a book. You do have a way with words and a great story and won't baby A. be so adorable on the cover.

Anonymous said...

You absolutely DO have a book in you, Lori. I couldn't agree more! Mississippi has produced a lot of gifted writers and you, my friend, are one of them.


Aimee said...

I will think good thoguhts for you for some news tomorrow.

mama becca said...

Sorry friend. My heart is flesh some days, stone others... depends on how well I'm coping... how well I can handle the reality of waiting. Wait wait wait. Wait. Some more. Okay... so friday gets to Ethiopia way faster than it gets here, so there's another positive :).

Shelly Roberts said...

Oh sweet Lori ... thanks for the update!! Will keep up the prayers!! Much love, ~Shelly

Natalie Fournet said...

Oh Lori...I am so sad that the wait continues continues for you. I am soooo sorry.

And I would love to read your book!

Jennifer said...

Ah- no matter what country you are in, the courts shall delay the process. Story of my life (and I admit to causing my fair share of delays). Hang in there girlfriend. You are so strong. What an incredible book you have in you- relaying this journey and its completion to the world would be a wonderful representation of adoptive parents and how very much we love the children we are meant to care for even if we didn't give birth to them. Fantastic! Will you email me a picture of Abe?

Angie said...

I agree you have a book in you, and I think you have half of it written already here. Maybe that's a good 'waiting' project to start on?
We'll be hoping for the very best outcome tomorrow for you guys.

m&r said...

I'm with the others. I believe there is a reason for everything and maybe part of the reason you are going through all this is to give you the opportunity to find that book in you. You've certainly captured a lot of hearts right here!

Hang in there and remember we are all thinking of you.

mama becca said...

Let those tears flow, sweet Lori. Let them flow. I cried all day on Monday. AAALLLLLL day. Just cried and cried... and felt wonderful on Tuesday. If you kept those emotions in, they'd eat you from the inside out. But hey, at least you got bacon candy out of it. YUM.
love love...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a sweet moment for valentines day. My heart is breaking for you and baby A. I can't imagine. I'm going to say a HUGE prayer for you guys tonight!!!

DrewCareyShow said...

I'm going to cooberate the book in you theory. So sorry you have to wait yet another night. It's been a zany week, and I was just downstairs rocking Zoe when I thought, "wait a second! Today's Thursday!" And I ran back upstairs specfically to check your update. And by the way, I LOVE the picture of Abe holding the album with you two smiling up at him. It's a beauty. Praying for you guys as I go to sleep tonight and as a new day is beginning in Addis... XOXO Carey

Tara said...

We are getting lots of fun pics from Jocelyn as well- glorious right??! It is the one thing that makes the wait a smidge easier. :)
I am praying for you and Ted so often!!

emily said...

You do a beautiful job with the written word, I would buy your book!!!

Thank you for doing such a great job keeping us informed-- praying for some really good news!

Natalie Fournet said...

Just a note to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers today!!!

Anonymous said...

I think there is a consensus on the book idea, I would sign up on a pre-order list. Let me just say it out straight, I am getting way past this whole waiting thing for you. I am ready for God to move, and the courts to move, and for good news for you. And yes your heart of flesh is a very good thing, it makes you the amazing woman you are.

Maple bacon, yummm.