Monday, February 18, 2008

Why we need a house-sitter

A cat draped across one or both of us at the end of the day is such a regular occurrence in this house that they come to expect such attention, so much so that the fat cat roams the house wailing in search of Ted when he's not home and the little one seen here in this photo with me runs away to the neighbor's house when we're out of town. These furry creatures living with us are more like dogs than cats. So we're currently on the look-out for someone who is willing to 'dog-sit' for us when we travel (yes, I'm letting myself think about it more and more these days, mainly because a trip to Ethiopia to bring home a young child is no small undertaking--a little bit of planning is required).

Speaking of planning, I'm pretty quickly ticking things off the list. Yesterday I found a diaper bag with insulated bottle holders and changing pad at Target. I'd looked into a couple of local baby boutiques in town and was floored by the prices. The saleslady showed me one bag, her favorite because she thought it was economical at $85. What? The others were all even much more. Why does someone need to spend $100+ on a diaper bag? I don't get it. If I spent that much on a diaper bag, I'd expect it to come with magical fold-out arms that would change the dirty diapers for me. (And any of you who may have spent that much on a diaper bag, I don't mean to offend. Really. There may be plenty of good reasons for a $100 diaper bag that I'm just not aware of yet).

The cosmetics gifts for the Gladney home caregivers are starting to come in too. This stuff came in the mail last week from some sweet-spirited and probably very sweet-smelling ladies:And a dear friend in L.A. has gathered up this stuff for us to take:
I'm loving the Dr. Bronner's. A mutual friend of ours apparently is friends with Dr. Bronner himself and added all this soap to the collection.

And for your Monday entertainment, here's a clip hopefully explaining why I love Merlefest. This is a performance by The Duhks with their new lead singer Sarah Dugas whose beautiful voice consistently makes me cry. Yes, that's John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin on the mandolin with them. And I was sitting on the stage during this performance able to take this photo, totally blissed out.

You can read what I wrote about Merlefest last year, but besides the amazing music, quirky people, and impromptu jam sessions by the artists scattered around the campus, I like Merlefest because it's turned into a mini family reunion. Living on the west coast, I find myself missing the South, so what better way to reconnect with my roots than by camping out in Daddy's pop-up and listening to bluegrass/folk music in North Carolina with my family? I love those mornings, waking up to coffee brewing outside, a stolen shower from the diesel mechanics building, and hopefully a shared breakfast with Dancin' Dave before tossing a stick to Doc, my dad's dog (yes, named after Doc Watson).

Please excuse the randomness of this post. I appreciate your attention and especially all the words of encouragement. In good faith, I'm going downstairs now to count bibs, onesies, and burpcloths.


Stacie said...

Fun stuff! I just bought a "diaper bag" at H&M for $24. Fancy. Our old "diaper bag" is a back-pack and I wanted to look less like a college student babysitter so I upgraded. :)
Yay for Dr. Bronner! That is so great!
Happy bib-counting! Take lots of burp-cloths - better to be prepared for spit-up! ;)

Lauren said...

Hi, I wanted to introduce myself. I am the proud Auntie of a little boy from Ethiopia named Zach. I have been reading your blog and praying for you guys as you go through your own journey. My husband and I are living in the SE Portland area and we are just starting to look into adoption and I have been reading as many blogs as I can on the subject. My heart goes out to you as you wait for your baby to come home. God Bless and I'm praying for you.

Lauren Marks

P.S. Feel free to visit my blog :-)

graceling said...

I hear you about the cat/dog sitter.

My cat is a dog trapped in a cat's body. She even chases her (non-existant) tail. She sleeps with Abigail every night, meow's until we hold her, follows us from room to room, and thinks that everyone and everything is a toy.

She hates me when I got to Chicago for a weekend. She pouts and then as soon as I feed her will come and throw up at my feet. She gets over it after we have a good cuddle. But 7-10 days for the Ethiopia trip? I don't know. I need a really committed cat sitter.

(She must know what I am typing about as she is staring me down from the ottoman.)

mama becca said...

Why did you get to sit on the stage? No fair. I'm goin' with yall this year.

Lori said...

I get to sit on the stage because my dad gives up his backstage pass bracelets. They technically belong to him (as a volunteer coordinator), but he gives them to us. Going backstage and getting free Bigelow tea and hot chocolate is a highlight of Merlefest for me :)

Meredith said...

I see that MerleFest will only be 7 hours and 7 minutes from my apartment. Ryan and I may just have to take a little road trip. You are hot stuff getting to sit onstage. I am mailing your package of Mississippi Love tomorrow. Get excited, sister. It contains a multitude of unexpected Southern greatness.

Lizard said...

Lori- Do you guys like the Avett Bros?? We are HUGE fans and have seen them twice in San Fran. We are from Texas and also run to Bluegrass to remind us of home.

Anonymous said...

I think I see a bin in your future...


Linda said...

I am thinking about you. Are you free for a cup of tea this week?

Anonymous said...

Wow, wow, wow! Fellow NC gal here. Yes, that's right! Merlefest fan, Ashe County, NC native and soon-to-be single adoptive mom to a little bundle of my own from Ethiopia! I just had to say hello when I saw your post. I heard about your story on Jocilyn's blog, who I know from the yahoo message board for single adoptive moms. I'll be holding you guys in my prayers on the 4th. Wouldn't it be amazing if two little Ethiopians met for the first time at Merlefest '09? I think so!

Lisa from NC (

Jennifer said...

I am obsessed with diaper bags. OBSESSED. I need a 12 step program obsessed... I admit to looking at those over $100 have opened my eyes to the world of less expensive diaper bags. I am totally looking at Target. I can't promise anything since I am a little uppity about my diaper bag- but I am going to give a cheap diaper bag a valiant effort.