Tuesday, April 29, 2008

C is for Cookie

A short excerpt from the gem of a book I found today (yes, I am making time to read--thanks, Stacie: it won't kill me to leave the dishes for later). More coming on this amazing book on parenting when I'm finished with it, but for now, some general tips:

Assuming you don't keep them manacled to the radiator, toddlers are generally thrilled by the mere act of living and breathing. Balloons and cake for a birthday celebration are thoughtful, more than necessary, extras.

Do not allow your child to grow up to be a social embarrassment.

On the issue of screaming: Explain that when he is older, he may go to the train yard, or down to a freeway overpass, or a psychiatrist's office, and scream at the passing trains, vehicles, or psychiatrist; but until that glorious day has arrived, screaming must be a private pursuit.

Might it not be a good idea to explain to one's two-year-old that she mustn't put her head in the potty and leave it there?

My personal favorite tip so far, on why you should make it a habit to have a bachelor over for dinner: An eccentric Southern bachelor will also provide your children with a questionable role model, which is really the best kind.

We gave Abe his first vanilla wafer today. We think he liked it. A lot.
Shock and awe at the goodness kept from him for so so so long...

I have no idea. This is simply life with Abe.

Eventually, I'll put together part II of the Addis Ababa post. I've also, surprisingly (at least to me), been asked by a few people to toss out another "hot topic" like last week, so I'm been mulling that over as well. I think I know where I'm going with that. In the meantime, those new Trader Joe's wafers with real Madagascar vanilla beans are worth a try.


Susan Isaacs said...

I'm wondering... are all children this expressive? Do we all get it drilled out of us? Ore are you exceptional photographers? Or has Abe been sitting back lo those months before you got him, observing and practicing all these faces? Oh, chocolate bunny you are on your way here, I can't wait to see you. I'll go to TJ's and pick up some of them wafers too. Yumm yummm

Amy B. said...

Look how much he is growing!!! Can't beat those vanilla wafers :) I will have to check out that book...I can totally say that kids get the biggest kicks out of the littlest things...things really don't have to be lavish for them to have the best time.


mama becca said...

Book sounds hilarious.
Abe is huge!
Wish we had a Trader Joe's here :(.

Courtney Rose said...


On the whole, you crack my shizzle up. For rizzle and rizzle. Trizzle. So now I wonder- does Lori think I'm an actual gangsta? Does she think I talk like this in my actual day-to-day living? I guess you'll be finding out soon enough. That's right... soon enough.

On to your most recent post here. The picture of Abe and his chins makes me smile. And smile some more. He is SO adorable!!!!

Have a beautiful day!

Love, C-dawg

neola said...

it's the stripey suit! i love it! :)

Jocelyn said...

Oh...and I love those exerpts from the book...but how do you raise your child not to be a social embarrassment when you are one yourself?? And I am not talking about you...well, maybe I am (have you seen some of your pictures in your posts:-)but I was really talking about me...hee hee!
Hmmmm...how is that for a hot topic:-)

Stacie said...

Oh, but where can I find an eccentric Southern man? Will an eccentric Midwesterner do? Probably not.

Abe is cracking me up. Love seeing life with Abe. And, I've been eying the Nilla wafers but won't buy them because their ingredient list is scary. So- off to TJs for some natural goodness!

Autumn and Dan's family said...

If only every kid could be as excited about food as Abe is! Even mashed up pasta? Wow! We love Abe...I think I need another fix soon.

Autumn and Dan's family said...

If only every kid could be as excited about food as Abe is! Even mashed up pasta? Wow! We love Abe...I think I need another fix soon.

Meredith said...

These book quotes kept popping up in my head during the day yesterday. I see all of the don'ts in action at the museum on a daily basis.

Amanda said...

Fortunately, we are in the perfect position to have an eccentric Southern bachelor to hang out with our kid. He sings to her a lot (and songs that I don't typically think of) and doesn't call her by her first name. And writes her thank you notes. It's great.

Brad and Fran Hoagland said...

Come on hot topic!!! By the way, he is adorable!