Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Addis Ababa, Part II

A favorite blogger of mine whose youngest son we were able to meet during our time in Addis Ababa and who got home a couple of weeks ago just wrote a beautiful piece on their experience there. My only criticism of it is that she self-deprecatingly titled it "Indescribable." No ma'am: you did a fantastic job. I could never write a better description, so for my Part II, I'm directing you all over to this post (that first picture might get you).

A few of our favorite shots, some with captions, some not:

The road to Entoto Mountain.

Tibs and enjera

Car seat, Ethiopian-style


Anonymous said...

You were right, great description and that first photo was enough to get the eyes flowing. On the more trivial side of her beautiful description, she REALLY made me want some Ethiopian coffee.


Nicholas said...

Thanks for the link over to their post - it was WONDERFUL~

Jocelyn said...

That was such a great post, It felt like I was there again...thanks for the link!

Meredith said...

I love all these pictures I can get my eyes on. My favorite is car seat Abe. Tell him I said way to go with the whole crawling deal.

coffeemom said...

I don't know....your blog is one of MY favs...I mean, it's got ABE! Who brings smiles each and every time. Ridiculously cute! Great great shots!! And you know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. I believe it!! Great stuff! (and you know, the people on the buses, looking in at us...that was something wasn't it? those faces...)

mama becca said...

love the pics... I miss that place!!!