Sunday, May 25, 2008


After a few weeks of going backwards pretty well, ending up in some random spot across the room, Abe started doing this yesterday:

I don't think he even realizes that he's now going forwards, because unless we've put something right in front of him to lure him onward (like the red balloon my mom is using), he'll sit there and cry as he looks at me from across the room like he doesn't know how to get to me.

I was surprised at how thrilling it is to see your child figure something out like this. When I first saw him go forwards, I got tears in my eyes, tears of joy with a little bit of melancholy, thinking, "yep, this is it...the first step to leaving." It made me think of these lyrics by Sara Groves, a song that I think encapsulates perfectly what I feel like as a mother:

I just want a small piece of you
a token to put in my pocket
and I will own that one things
and it would make me happy
I just want a small piece of you
something to put in a locket
and I will look at it daily
and that will make me happy

I guess it's human nature to want to hold you very still
I guess it's in a mother to inject a little guilt
Go on son and see the world; I hope you see it all
But please please please don't forget to call

Free to fly free to go free to not look back
That's how free I want you though it scares me half to death
Free to wander miles and miles and free to come back home
That's how free I want you though it chills me to the bone

...Go on son and spread your wings; I hope that you take flight
But please please please don't forget to write

I know you're just a baby sleeping in your bed
And you probably have other thoughts drifting through your head
I know this conversation's a little premature
It's just that I've heard eighteen years goes by like a blur

...I know that it's not fair for me to hold you down now is it
But please please please don't forget to visit

Free to fly free to go free to come back home...


Jill said...

oh, how exciting, and how fun that your mom was here to see it happen for the first time. what a blessing. he really is crawling so well already. i'm excited to show the girls.

Susan Isaacs said...

I'm excited watching it over and over. And thanks for the SG song. So so perfect.

Jocelyn said...

He is such a cute crawler!! YAY for Abe!!!
It really is amazing how seeing these milestones makes my heart swell...Pacey is just clapping and I feel like she just got into Harvard:-)

Amy B. said...

Go Abe!!! What a big boy you are :)


Carrie said...

Sweet -- your technique reminds me of how my dad taught me to swim--move some short distance away and tell me to swim to him, and then he'd start walking backwards. He'd make me so mad!

The Soucys said...

THAT is just too cute! Totally made me smile!

mama becca said...

Way to go Abe!!!

Stephanie said...

YAY! For Abe. And hooray for red balloons! :) Thrilled to see that Abe is totally mobile now. Watch out Mama!! And watch out world!!

Danni and Tommy said...

YAY ABE! Wow! I hope to see him, and all of his new moves, soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the moment!

emily said...

Sweet Abe. That is like the ole trick my parents used to get me to swim. I would stand on the side, tell them not to back up and just as I made my move, they slowly moved backwards. I guess it helped me learn to swim and so far I haven't had to go to therapy b/c they didn't keep their end of the deal. :)

Nicholas said...

How adorable - I heart your family!

Stacie said...

Yay Abe! Isn't it amazing seeing them do things for the first time? It's one of my favorite things about parenting.

Love the song lyrics.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful lyrics. It brought me to tears. My 19 year old is spreading his wings. I can only pray and hope he finally lands safely. I will keep this song with me as a reminder that I want him to fly.
It is a painful journey for me. Thank you for these wonderful reminders that I am not alone.
Thank you for the baby time with Abe.
Love, Linda C.

Farmboy and Buttercup said...

Oh, love it!

Can he get any cuter?

And, yes, that IS being a mother, so thrilled to see a child figure things out as they take another step in growing up.