Saturday, May 17, 2008

Susan, Books, Gee, Heat

The two newest members of the Mutual Admiration Society: Susan and Abe.

I finished one book, then read another, all in the span of a week.

My mom is coming to visit on Wednesday.

It's stinkin' hot on the west coast. Why people say they don't mind the heat, I will never understand. How can you like being sweaty?


Lauren said...

Too cute :-) I love his chubby cheeks. Our nephew, Zach, loves lemons and so does out parrot. :-) God Bless!

Stephanie said...

May you always know the simple, joyous moments with YOUR citrus, just as Abe does.

Enjoy your visit with your mom!! And hopefully you'll be able to endure the cotton-pickin' heat. :) I am ready for some warm weather here. I'm freezing today!!

Love, Steph

Anonymous said...

Lori: So glad I got to see you and Abe, too short but still fun. I made carolee jealous when I told her I got to see him...

Cannot get over how funny he is already!! I am a member of the Abe fan club.