Friday, July 25, 2008


Abe has a couple of new things he's really into these days. The toilet is still a continuous source of fascination and wonder, as is now the bottom drawer in our cabinets where we keep our extra toothbrushes and floss. Letting him pull all of that out every day (sometimes several times a day) does two things: it keeps him away from the toilet and gives me time to brush my teeth.

He's also moved on from the thous
and times a day saying "wow" to now saying "mom." I think it's that he's brilliantly figured out that turning the w's upside down in "wow" created a whole new word. I sort of liked being called "Ma" but it seems that Abe has chosen "Mom" as what he wants to call me. Our conversations throughout the day often go something like this:

Abe: Mom?
Lori: Yes?
m hmm?
Yes, Abe?

This is deep stuff, people, real deep.

Thirdly, Abe has discovered kissing. Yeah, he may start off coming at you the normal, decent way that young boys should kiss: But as is true for most one-year-olds, it quickly turns to this slobbery mess: He now kisses every page in his favorite animal book that we read most nights, especially the dog page for some reason. He has this Baby Einstein book with a mirror on each page that he's supposed to use for doing things like making funny faces and "puff and blow" and touch his nose, etc. All Abe want to do though is kiss himself in the mirror.

He's pretty indiscriminate when it comes to who he will kiss. If he has known you more than a couple of hours and you say "Abe, kiss?" with an accompanying kissy-sound, he'll probably grace you with one. For a while there, I thought that I was the only one whose face he'd place both his chubby hands on before coming in for a kiss, but this weekend I caught him kissing his cousin Ezra this way. Oh well, for the time being, at least I'm the only one follows the kiss with by patting the shoulder and saying, "Mom."
Now this is in response to Courtney's post this week. Ted was working out of town on our anniversary (boo), so this is what I did in the afternoon:
I'd had this box of Trader Joe's green-tea muffins in the pantry for almost a year. I'd tasted them in the store and thought they were sort of weird, so I'm not sure why I bought them anyway. Well, I baked them and guess what? They tasted weird. So in Elaine Benes-style, I decided to forgo the stumps, going only for the muffin tops (click here if you don't know what I'm talking about).

And so as not to be wasteful, I gave the stump to Abe since he doesn't know any better right now anyway. So because even the best part, the tops, still tasted weird, I fancied them up with butter-spread and strawberry jam:
Green tea muffin stump for Abe, jammy top for Mom. Those stuffed cheeks don't lie--Abe didn't care a bit that he was just getting a stump:More weird green-tea stumps, please.


Jana said...

I simply can't wait to meet him!

And you, of course. ;)

jen said...

so great to see some new Abe pics! Sam has that same baby einstein book and he just kisses himself in the mirror too. so funny.

Blog Shmog said...

Fun pictures! I love the muffin top shout out. We love Seinfeld in this family. :)

graceling said...

mmmm. Muffin tops!

I love that Abe frenches people:) Abigail did that for so long, and it was so wet and messy. And then she figured out how to kiss with her mouth closed, and I missed her slobber kisses.

emily said...

Can't wait to meet you guys next week!!

Gretchen said...

As always, Lor's cracking my shizzle up.

The conversation retell was most amusing, the pictures of handsome Abe coming in for the kiss most fascinating, the shots of the muffins most beautiful (I'm L-O-V-I-N-G your camera) and the idea of eating a muffin slathered in butter and jelly oh-so-invoking of the jealousy vice.

Your post affected me in so many ways! Well done, well done!

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary to both of you!! lots of health, joy and inspiration. love, jana k

jody said...

that just made me laugh a lot-not even sure why other than I have had the same deep conversations, done the same "give it to the baby, they'll eat anything!" and been covered in the slobber of baby love many a time and it just makes me giggle to look at abe's fatso cheeks :) (and i can say that b/c i currently have one with maga-fatso cheeks too so it is obviously a sign of a good kid :) )

coffeemom said...

Gabe makes that same pucker-fish face! It's my favorite sweet thing! So fun, and fun to know sweet Abe is giving kisses to his deserving mama!

los cazadores said...

Ha ha! I love Abe's face in that last pic!


Stacie said...

Micah and I have the same conversation daily! MOM! I wish I could bottle up the way he says it right now and keep it forever.

Do you think Abe might give me a kiss at BU 08? A girl can hope right?

Meredith said...

Thank goodness you got the camera!