Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Joy tagged me:

1. In elementary school, my best friend Catherine and I were always the last ones chosen for teams during p.e. The p.e. teachers never once chose me as team captain. I still think they were evil for letting me go through this daily torture.

2. Tim Robbins sat on my feet for about ten minutes at a Christmas party. It was really crowded in that basement.

3. A friend and I were afraid of being charged extra at a small B&B in Germany for being American, so for two days, I was a Slovak-speaking Russian married to a German-speaking Slovak.

4. I once had a group of 30 students stand on their desks for me and say "Oh, Captain my Captain," while clapping, just like the end of Dead Poets Society. I then walked to my office and crumpled up sobbing for about an hour.

5. Right after I perfected my Anna Nicole Smith impression, she went and died of a drug overdose and I felt really guilty for a long time.

I have recurring dreams about three things: being on the Titanic as it's sinking, showing up at the end of my senior year with none of my projects finished (or even started), and some form of me babysitting for Amy Breedlove or Amy flying to Saudi Arabia to take care of Sean Preston and Jayden James during Britney's wedding. I always email Amy when I have one of these dreams, just in case she can find some meaning out of them. So far, not yet.

7. Three of my biggest "real-life" dreams: complete a marathon, own and run a soup restaurant, get paid to write (these are things I find highly unlikely to ever happen, but I still can't help dreaming about them).

I now tag: Courtney, Nicole, Jana, Caroline, Stacie, Julie, Autumn.

Here in the Rooney house, we're all sick. Like, major head-cold, snot-so -thick-I-can't-blow-my-nose kind of sick. All this makes Abe cranky. Well, he's been crankier than usual since he started walking, which makes me think Michelle was right: life now will never be the same.

Abe really does not like any door that is closed. Here is what happens when one of us needs to use the facilities in private:

Talking to him through the door does no good. And lest you think I am cruel for filming our son instead of comforting him, here is proof of how quickly he gets over the closed-door funk:

I really should be doing something useful right about now...


coffeemom said...

Oh, LOVE this post! I almost cried for you O Captain, my Captain. Wow. Just wow.

And Abe, well, first off, you realize he and my Gabe now have the same hair? Which of course, is fabulous.

Next, this door thing cracks me up!! It is SO classic. Great great stuff. Being a toddler must feel like Sysiphus...always something else to PUUUUSHHHH, up a hill, open a door, the list goes on and on......

Julie said...

Sorry to hear the Rooney's are sick. I was tagged already! I did the top movie soundtrack moments version (That I made up so I wouldn't have to do the tag!) So, Missy, back at you. What are your top 6 or 7 musical movie moments and if you use Aimee Mann you must do 7 'cause that was a gimme.

Also, I thought you wrote Tom Robbins and I kept thinking about that book with the character with huge thumbs.

AND it is just a matter of time before someone pays you to write, just send that daffodils post around.

Get well soon.

coffeemom said...

Ok, I responded on my blog, but just in case you miss it: Um, check YOUR post: Seize the day! You'd look gorgeous going gray because you are just beautiful now, plus young, a double whammy of great. You've got the flair thing on your side!

Just thinkin..... Love M

graceling said...

Anna is mesmerized by watching Abe cry.

In fact, she stopped crying to watch Abe cry.

Please post more videos of Abe crying. It makes me feel less horrible as a mom (since that is ALL Anna does, except for when she is happy) AND it makes Anna happy! It's a two-fer!

the Steiger's said...

You know what is funny? Jo does the same thing with every closed door. (So much for private moments) By the way #3 is so funny. I can see you doing that.

Jocelyn said...

If I had any money, I'd pay you to're good:-)

Amy B. said...

You are so funny. I wish I had dreams as funny and wacky as yours :) Glad to know that Brittney and I are so tight...I was really worried about our relationship.

Abe's crying/shrieking sounds so much like Nathan. When I was watching it...Christopher turned around to see if it was Nathan. The shrieking and all out screaming (even when he is not crying) is driving me a bit crazy. He is FOR SURE the loudest of the four kiddos. Maybe that is why he screams so much...he has to be heard :)


jody said...

yeah, I just sat and laughed at Abe crying at the door. This is what happens when you have 3 kids, you laugh at the perceived misfortune of the small ones....he's so cute.

Jill said...

how dare you close the door!!

Blog Shmog said...

Wow! I would love to see the Anna Nicole Smith impression. I can't even picture would that would look like.
Sorry you guys are sick. :( Abe sure is cute though. :) Do you think you'll be well enough to venture over here this Saturday?? I think Beka is coming.

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how familiar that cry is! We hear that about a bazillion times a day over in our house. And it usually stops as suddenly as it started. What's up with toddlers?

Nicholas said...

Your posts make me smile - oh, that Abe is something sweet!