Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why You Do That To Me?!

Now that Abe's speech has really taken off, we're so entertained by what he says. Latest very funny thing is his reaction to not getting something he wants. Example:

A couple of days ago, I was trying to get ready to go somewhere and wanted to be alone in the bathroom for a few minutes. So I gently shooed him out the door and shut it. With an intensely injured tone, he wailed, "Mom! Why you do that to me?"

We had breakfast yesterday morning with some friends, and they got to hear this lament in full force, at several points during the meal.

I should write more soon about the adoption, I know I should, I know I should... but there was a death in the family (very extended family), and we want to go to the memorial service, which means a road trip. So we are leaving tomorrow for a few days of camping along the way, visiting an old high school friend of mine I haven't seen since we were 18, and meeting a bunch of family members for the first time, for me and Abe at least. We're having to leave paperwork unfinished, but we have until next Friday to do it.

Why next Friday? Our homestudy is scheduled for a week from Friday. No turning back now, right?

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Eryn said...

Sounds like fun (not to trivialize the death in your family, but the camping, etc really does sound fun!)

Do you get to have the same homestudy social worker as before? That would be nice...