Friday, October 2, 2009

Things I've Learned on This Roadtrip

1. Our 13-year-old niece has potentially saved herself years of heartache by learning this lesson early.

2. It's worth it to drive a few hours out of your way to visit family.

3. Reconnecting with a friend you haven't seen or talked to in 15 years is also very worth it. Just be prepared for the mind-trippyness of the whole experience.

4. Jack London lived in Berkeley and was a smart guy. I recommend clicking on the photo and reading the quote. I now want to read more of his work.

5. Jesus, Abe Lincoln, and Maria Von Trapp are the best of friends, at least according to an artist at Stanford U.

6. Letting your kid discover the joy of jumping on hotel beds is pretty fun.

7. Okay, I didn't really learn this so much as was reminded: this photo explains why I really don't want to live full-time in Los Angeles. This was at 10 am on a Tuesday morning. I needed to get off this ramp and turn right. Yeah. It took a while. Also: yelling into the phone long expletive-laden rants about traffic won't make the cars go any faster.

8. Pinkberry makes all that traffic-angst a lot better.

9. Go Dog Go is the perfect book for a toddler who is learning English.

10. It is possible to be inspired to live a better life by attending the memorial service for a person who lived very well. Over 1000 people came at 1pm on a Monday for the funeral of our relative who went on to his next big adventure. It was very much worth the drive down.

11. Last (for now): it's true what they say about grandparents. Abe's L.A. grampa is pretty rad.


PVZ said...

I am finding it a little creepy, weird that three of my heroes are in that picture together, it feels like someone peeked inside my brain.... So sorry I missed you while you were in LA.

More Dorrs said...

Love this little photo trip of your travels! That Jack London quote is fantastic.

And Jake would love that art...was it just a temporary show, or part of some permanent collection? We'd love to hit it up one of our California road trips!

welcome home.


emily said...

My favorite part is sweet Abe reading the directions to the drill- goes awhile, sets it down and needs to read to figure out what to do next. LOVE it.

Kristi said...

Love the jumping on the bed picture and the group photo...really cute!

Claudia said...

Sounds like a pretty fabulous road trip. I LOVE that video of the drill - what is it about that Y chromosome that makes boys want to drill stuff? My husband has never grown out of it. Seems like grandpa hasn't either :)

JanKa said...

hi lori,

long time no hear but catching up with your blog once again- which reminds me - may the new journey you have embarked on open up into fresh dimensions of insight and reassuring sense of ever-present hope. hope to talk to you soon, love jana k