Sunday, December 27, 2009

New York Moment 9

Christmas Eve, we went out to Brooklyn to meet those folks that Ted ran into at a bus stop two days before, the ones who are good friends with Mama and Papa Dog of Bright Beating Hearts. These two are lovely, so hospitable, and just like Mama Dog promised, they provided delicious snacks. We had bagels so good that we tracked down the shop they came from and bought a few to take home. Mine was an everything bagel straight out of the oven, so warm and chewy and perfect that Abe and I ate half of it on the way home.Fantastic New York moment: meeting new friends, making plans for playing at the hippo park, perfect bagels, and afternoon singalong.


Rebecca said...

Love the performance. They have their very own band :)

Heidi said...

Look at the way your boy plays that guitar-lute-thing! I see a garage band in your future!