Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Joyful Things

Skies this blue.

Inter-species cuddling.

Glowing tulips.

Time-outs in the chicken yard.


Kissing the soft nose of a spring bunny.

Poems like this one:
b e f o r e

--- M A R K H A L L I D A Y

Before you were you,
before your bicycle appeared under the street-lamp,
before you met me at the airport in a corduroy jacket,

before you agreed to hold my five ballpoint pens
while i ran to play touch football,
before your wet hair nearly touched the piano keys

and in advance of how your raincoat was tightly cinched
when you asked about nonviolent anti-war activity
and before you said "Truffaut,"

before your voice supernaturally soft sang
"I aweary wait upon the shore,"
before you suddenly stroked my thigh in the old Volvo,

when you had not yet said "Marcus Aureliius at 11:15"
and before your white shirt on the train,
before Pachelbel and "My Creole Belle"

and before your lips were so cool under that street-lamp
and before Buddy Holly in Vermont on the sofa
and Yeats in the library lounge,

prior to your denim cutoffs on the porch,
prior to my notes and your notes
and before your name became a pulsing star,

before all this
ah safer and smoother and smaller was my heart.


Cindy said...

: )
Great Poetry and cute pictures!

Claudia said...

Oh, that is one truly shivery poem. Nuclear-level goosebumps here.

My favourite pic is the time out in the chicken yard. Way too cute.

Christine said...

Time out with the chickens is adorable. Loved the poem, how gorgeous.

jen said...

lovely things indeed

jen said...

Its funny when you know someone by photos and posts only, yuu can't imagine they'd ever need a time out. He looked cute sitting in that time out chair.

coffeemom said...

Beautiful pics, thoughts, and poem. Really. Lovely!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, honey. What an amazing photographer you've become and what an excellent job you're doing documenting our life. thnxu

Leslie said...

These are joyful things indeed.

Autumn and Dan's family said...

Ok. Where is that chicken yard. That of my favorites ever. Seriously, of all time. I love it. The chair, the chickens, Abe...Mezmur just said, "Ape!"

Autumn and Dan's family said...

Please send me that photo.

Kitty said...

ah! I love the photo with the bunny. The two are so adorable and sweet together!

Jill said...

i want to kiss that bunny too.