Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pimento Cheese and Sneakin' Out

Event 1:
Last weekend, a gaggle of the kids on our block had convened on the front porch of our neighbors from the South. One of them is from the same town my dad grew up in: Natchez, Mississippi. We started talking about pimento cheese. She makes her own. I couldn't get pimento cheese out of my brain, so a few days later, I sent her a message on facebook telling her about my craving. Fourteen minutes later, she shows up on my front porch with this:
I laughed and told her that I didn't mean for her to bring me any but that I just wanted her recipe. She looked baffled and asked what I was talking about. I said, "You didn't bring this over because you'd seen my posting on facebook?" She hadn't. At the exact moment I was writing her about my craving for pimento cheese, she was in her kitchen making a batch of it. Because she's a mind-reader and a generous one at that, she immediately brought me some. I love my neighbors.

Event 2:
Merlefest is this weekend. We are not there. My family is. I'm at peace with this, knowing that our "sacrifice" of this yearly trip is for a good reason (needing to save lots of bucks for a huge trip or two later this year). But when my nieces post updates on facebook about the great time they're having, yeah, I feel a little sad that I'm not with them. Merlefest is probably the highlight of my dad's year, and I've loved the tradition we've made of being there with him. Sigh. Merefest postings: One, Two, and Three.
Listening to fun music this Saturday morning.

So this morning we biked to a farmer's market in town and discovered a fun band that would have fit right in at Merlefest. We got to sit and listen for a while. Merlefest is only once a year, but we get to bike to listen to good music every Saturday if we want to. That counts for something right?

Aren't they fun? Merlefest next year. I'll bring the pimento cheese sandwiches.


Evelyn said...

Hee, hee to the pimento cheese. Didn't know you were a southern gal. I am a transplant. From Brazil, but in the south for enough years to get an accent! Love the mind reading friends. They are keepers. I should think of things more often so they will happen ... right now, it's CHOCOLATE. Ant mind readers out there?

Staci said...

They're great, Lori. And Merlefest sounds like such fun. I love your neighborhood, by the way, and the face that you have pimento cheese-bearing neighbors is fantastic.

mama becca said...

ooooooh lady. we've been thinking about you guys all weekend. we couldn't go this year either, and it's in our backyard (almost!). just zach's surgery, school, work, life, etc... but i'm SO sad. we keep getting calls from our friends up there. Waybacks did Abby Road. AAAAHHHHGGGG. missed it. crap.
and yall need to come here more often for some kickass pimento cheese. but at least you have a neighbor with such incredible talents. awesome!
love to the rooneys...

Emma said...

It is hard right now but think about how wonderful it will be when you get to go with two kiddos in the future.

The two trips pretty much put Ethiopia off the table for us (unless Sam is remarkably better in the future). We are currently in the early stages of possibly adopting from foster care. Our first safety inspection is this week - they want to check our house and measure our bedroom. We feel we have learned a lot from Sam's special needs so maybe we can put this knowledge toward another child.

Enjoy that cheese!

Stephanie said...

I love pimento cheese too! My husband HATES it, won't even go near it. It's great stuff. I can find some at Walmart, but I'm positive homemade is better! Wish I had pimento-cheese-makin' neighbors.

How blessed you are. :)