Sunday, July 25, 2010

2 grouchy, 2 happy

These two things make me grouchy:

1. When the lady who told me she'd sell me her entire set of wooden dollhouse furniture gives me a bag with many missing pieces and who then says it was a "miscommunication" when I call her on it (because I noticed before driving away and then took every piece in the bag out, lay them out on her front porch room by room so that she could bring me what was missing...I had a big smile the whole time I was being belligerent about getting what she had promised the day before). I love yard sales, I really do, but when folks from the richie-rich neighborhoods try to scam me out of toys for my child(ren), I want to punch them.

2. When the band at church decides that communion is the perfect time for a rock concert, so loud that my ears literally hurt and I leave church immediately upon taking the Lord's supper. Whatever happened to the good ole days of a quiet hymn to accompany our reflection about the suffering and sacrifice of Christ? A poor lady at the front had her fingers stuck in her ears during communion. I wanted to punch the long-haired, bearded, hippie drummer who thought he was at a Kings of Leon concert (minus the pigeon poo). Any other "emergent" church-goers experience this phenomena?

These two things make me happy:

1. Friends in the neighborhood who offer to babysit our son on our anniversary and who then take him out for corndogs, read him many books, let him jump all over their nice couch and snuggle with our boy in our absence.

2. That incomparable moment when Abe yells, "Hi, mom!" and jumps into my arms for an extended hug when we pick him up, his little arms squeezed around my neck and his head resting on my shoulder, legs wrapped around my waist.

Anniversaries make me happy too, especially those involving happy hour.


kn said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
and I love the last one. The very very best gift.

Meg said...

Yep, Happy Hour is always good. Happy anniversary! I say those 2 things that make you happy overshadow the 2 grouchy =) Meg B

Claudia said...

hey, happy anniversary!

(by the way, just saw Abe on Susan Isaac's Gray Matter blog. UNBEARABLE CUTENESS!!!)

Anonymous said...

Happy happy hour (and anniversary too!)!!

Erin Sager said...

Happy Anniversary you two.....If you don't want to wait a whole year to do it again, Ill take Abe and you can do another happy hour....Anytime!!!

Lisa said...

You know that the real gift was you guys letting us hang out with Abe! Such a special boy with with such special parents :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, a very happy anniversary to you. And yes, sometimes it is all about the music/singer/band/whatever, instead of them using the music to complement what is happening and to aid you in your prayers. Too bad. And back to the happy...happy hours are always a good thing!