Thursday, March 3, 2011

3 Years of Our Own Rooney

It didn't hit me until this afternoon. I have never been good at remembering birthdays, anniversaries, important dates.

Three years ago, Abe became "our own Rooney," officially. What an amazing day.

I posted this the day before, on March 2nd.

And here is the story of the best phone call I've ever received.

March 2, 2011, in Sisters, Oregon.

Somewhere in central Oregon, there is a tree that a boy Ted scratched his initials into, over the course of a few decades. He always came back to this tree. The year we were married, he took me the tree and scratched my initials in it.

It was only fitting to add the next year and name.

There is room right below for another.


kn said...

You are officially the most charming family I know. Love.

Evelyn said...

How sweet is that tree! Congratulations on three years!

Jo said...

Perfect. Really truly lovely.

Susan Isaacs said...

this made me tear up.

Christine said...

oh my, I love the carved initials. This is beautiful.

Rebecca said...

I love the tree. So sweet. There is room for more!

Stacie said...

Oh that tree! Wow. I have happy chills. Love the Rooneys.

Claudia said...

Happy three years!

(And that tree? Is just BEYOND awesome).