Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bumble bees everywhere

A friend sent me a link last week to a bumblebee necklace on etsy. Bumblebees have sort of become my symbol for the Little Bee we are waiting for in Addis. I just went to etsy out of curiosity of other handmade bee items. I'm not sure how this works, but on their home page right now, there is a collection of featured items, all of which are connected to bees. Does anyone know how this works? Is etsy or my webrowser so smart that it knows to find bumblebee items based on the one link my friend sent me last week? That's probably it, right?

Second thing: yesterday afternoon a friend was over knitting and keeping me company while I priced items for the yard sale this Saturday. I was telling her the story about the Easter Sunday two years ago when these guys came to our house in L.A. to take our honeybee hive home. As I was telling this story, a UPS guy knocked on our door to let me know he'd left a box. It was a box of hand-me-down clothes from M for Little Bee. The box from this family was delivered at the exact moment I was telling a story about the family and their bee hive.

As I was writing that last sentence, I overheard Ted say to Abe about some other topic, "All kinds of weird things happen." No kidding.


Carrie said...

The Etsy homepage always features a set of items that fit a particular theme and were "hand picked" by someone. Somethimes the theme is color or a holiday or material or type, in this case, bees. You can see the different sets here:

Nancy said...

I second what Carrie said. But it is not a smart webrowser, it is not based on what link you have.:)

Julie said...


annieglan said...

That is pretty awesome!
Check out heartsy. It's set up like groupon for etsy

Sharon said...

Awesome. And friends are the. best.