Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Job Foreman

Another nonprofit has teamed up with the nonprofit I work for to build some raised garden beds for our seniors to grow some veggies in. One of the kids building the beds took the mysterious plastic baby doll that had been lying in the parking lot for the last few weeks and turned it into our friendly garden mascot. It makes me giggle.

I really should be doing other things but this is a nice distraction from my every ten-minute freak-outs about the reality I am facing of leaving our son for 11 days next week. Heart palpitations, and not the good kind, the "please hand me a xanax" kind. I'm excited for this trip, of course, but if you have met the little boy Abe who lives with us, you know how magical and delicious he is, and the thought of not having him near me for that long is sending me into panic-mode.

Deep breaths.


hotflawedmama said...

I love this

coffeemom said...

I would do anything to help ease those panic attacks...if I could. I totally, totally, get it. the hardest part of traveling twice to ET to get my kids was the leaving my little boys home. I mean, I broke down more than once, before and during and had a total panic attack the night before, tucking them in.

However, adn please remember this: they were fine. They got through it better than it did. And they understood and understand that I would travel across the world for my kid (one of them was the kid, the first time)...nothing would keep me from my kid if they needed help getting home.
Abe will get that. He will. His heart already knows it.

You'll be ok mama. And I'll be praying for you and for Abe too, the whole way (fwiw).

Claudia said...

Oh, that must be so tough to be leaving Abe. I'm glad he's at least old enough to know where you're going, and why. But it doesn't make it any less tough.