Monday, May 16, 2011

This is It

The notes on my hand this afternoon at one last quick trip to work. Passport: seems obvious but easily forgotten. Bus tickets: for our clients so they can get to the program while I'm gone. Pepto: no comment necessary.

Today I have gotten so many kind texts, emails, hugs from neighbors, phone calls, and even drive-by "good luck!"s from friends.

One friend, in an email, wrote this about her grandfather, "I was reminded through my Grandpa's passing of a saying: "Be easy." Gramps was never one to stress about difficult things. And this man had every right to be bitter and mad at the cards life dealt him. I think all of us are on a journey of healing in one way or another. Our childrens' need for healing may be more evident than our own, but we are not immune to it either. My grandpa took those scars and made them into something beautiful. When life handed him defeat, he stood by and said 'be easy'."

And then another from someone else, the one that made me cry:

You can do this- you're made to do this, you're the mama.

This mama is leaving one to go bring the other one step closer to this home. I can do this. I'm armed with pepto and xanax. Wish me luck.


Cindy said...

Safe Travels to your Beautiful Bee!
I am thrilled for you. Cannot wait to see momma hugging her baby girl.

Christine said...

You're doing it, mama. He'll be okay, he will. And you will, too. Safe travels and I'll be sending you and all of your family of four my prayers.

kn said...

Oh my. Be easy. I love it. And she's right, you are the Mama! Safe travels!

AshliYoung said...

My heart is wrapped in tingly knots for all of you! So excited!!! Prayers and love.

hotflawedmama said...

Safe travels!!!

Heather said...

Oh Lori... I wish I could eloquently express the joy I feel knowing that you are moments away from your little girl! Safe travels!

Please send my love to Wegayehu, Zimed and Mitchal if you see them!

Sara said...

Best wishes on your journey.

Claudia said...

Safe travels and happy arrivals, mama! Thinking of you with lots and lots of love.