Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Now We Are Six

Now we are six.

Our daughter is six years old.

She got a tiara from her grandmother, my mother. She wore it all day, with one short break because the combs were hurting her head.

Ballet flats until hopscotch.

The feather boa came on for the short walk from the front door to the car, then off since no one could see her inside the tinted windows.

She pouted because she couldn't sleep with her make-up bag of nail polish and flavored lip smackers, a gift from a sweet neighbor.

She jumps into rivers.

She teases and antagonizes her little brother.

She pushes the cart around the grocery store and asks nonstop for items but never complains much when she hears 'no'.

Sometimes she hears 'yes' if it is a pack of birthday balloons, balloons which she blew up and tied curly string on to give to friends at her party.

A friend watched her today for a couple of hours while we went to work. The last half hour, she was asking about us, when we were coming back, anxious. I was glad. Maybe she is now expecting us to always come for her.

For her birthday, she requested hotdogs and strawberries, so we had both, along with strawberry cupcakes. We played pandora's Michael Jackson station (her favorite artist) and got "Let's Get it On" and "Sexual Healing" during that hotdog dinner.

During her short party, towards the end, she came to me with outstretched arms, asking "up please." She clung to me. She wanted kisses. She didn't want down so I held her.

Then she played hopscotch with friends. It was her first time to play.

She jumped into it. With gusto. Shoes off but her tiara back on her head.


Rebecca said...

So happy that she had a good birthday. Happy for all four of you Rooneys.

jen said...

Beautiful. You are doing a wonderful job, momma.

Stephanie said...

Oh, damn. That is just about the best birthday day ever and that picture! It says so much - about so many things. Childhood and friends and summer and neighborhoods and birthday tiaras ... Lori this is all so so good.

Sara said...

Happy birthday to your sweet girl. That photo is lovely!

Tim said...

What a marvelous day, down to the strawberry cupcakes and inaugural game of shoeless hop scotch. So much to celebrate!

Evelyn said...

That photo is so perfect. It should be submitted somewhere for a perfection prize. Happy birthday, beautiful girl!

hotflawedmama said...


Luv4thePaws said...

What a wonderful birthday! Our boy celebrated his 6th birthday on September 6th too! His first birthday with us... But it did NOT involve all of the wonderful things your day involved! He barely understood what his birthday meant and we kind of chose a pizza party for him.... :)