Thursday, September 29, 2011

What Daddy Does For a Living

We have had a hard time explaining to Beti what her daddy does for a living. He leaves the house at pretty random times (excluding the twice a week college class he teaches), sometimes for half an hour and other times for a few days. He also does his work at home too, so the whole thing was confusing.

Today, all that changed. We think she got it.

When we visit Daddy at work, we sometimes get to eat from the craft food service trucks. That is really fun and delicious.

We watched Daddy hanging around outside waiting for his cue to go inside, and then we watched him on the monitors. We giggled a lot when he looked into the camera and waved right at us and made goofy faces.

The nice sound mixer gave us headphones to hear the action. We listened very intently.

The main face we kept seeing in the monitor played with us for a while before we went home.

We are so over the paparazzi.

Hopefully this afternoon's excursion to a television show set will have put an end to the befuddled look on her face when we say that Daddy is working (and hopefully there will be many many many more sets to visit...).


Sara said...

Cute! We always tell Turo that his daddy is at "work." One day I took him to visit my mom at her "work" and Turo kept looking around wondering where his daddy was.

Sharon said...

Looks like everyone had a great day-and such a fun place to visit Daddy at work. My kids can only visit Daddy when clients are gone and the office is empty-pretty boring!

Ted Rooney said...

You call that work?! Nice...if you can get it.

Dani Schmidt said...

I love how Abe has his hand gently on her neck while they are watching the monitors. A little sibling love. And those green and black cowboy boots are awesome.