Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Adventures in getting to Ireland

Yes, I said in getting to Ireland. My hope is that when we arrive, everything will be peaceful. For now, they're not really. My husband had to go back to L.A. Monday morning after the wedding this weekend to check the progress of the home-improvement project going on, and he's flying from there tomorrow for our trip to Ireland. I'm flying with his dad from Portland, and the plan is to meet up in Chicago--we're all three on the same flight from Chicago to Ireland.

Here's the snag though: Ted forgot to bring his passport to L.A., which means that we're not really sure what's going to happen tomorrow when we get to the airport. I'm planning on heading out to our airport here in Portland in a few minutes to explain the situation and beg for mercy. Ted's optimistic about it. I'm trying not to be half-empty, trying really hard to push away those mental images of getting to Ireland without Ted and picking up the standard-shift rental car on my own and driving me and Ed on the left side of the many narrow, scary, coastal roads to the place we're staying.

Sigh. Half-full, half-full, half-full, half-full...such is my mantra.

While in Ireland, we're not sure what our access to the internet will be like exactly, so I may not be posting very much. But I have started a new blog, which you can find here.

I stole this idea from someone who stole the idea from someone else. I plan on taking a photo every day for the next...however long and posting them there. Of course, since I'm leaving tomorrow morning for two weeks in Ireland and Italy, the postings will be sporadic at first, but it'll also give me some scenic photos. I like pretty scenery but I like more taking photos of random things that I find interesting. I hope you enjoy the experiment.

The person's blog whom I stole the idea from can be found here. She's a friend of a friend whose pictures are pretty awesome. And she considers herself from Mississippi which makes her even cooler.

Oh, and about the adoption: Our social worker had to change some of the wording in our home-study after CIS contacted our agency to tell them about a glitch. So she reworded it and sent it off to Kate on Monday. That should be the last thing. Any day now, I'm hoping to get that CIS letter saying that we're approved. Of course, word will have to come via my friend who's house-sitting for us for the next two weeks--no mailbox stalking in my future. This trip is a nice distraction.

When the CIS letter comes, we can get on that infamous waiting list. I think. I hope. If the world doesn't end first. If I don't drive myself off an Irish cliff in a couple of days.

Half-full, half-full, half-full, half-full...


Anonymous said...

good luck, have fun, i'll check your photos...and see you when you return!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tara said...

oh how fun!! have a great trip! And man, I didn't realize how far along you were these days. (in the adoption) were both sooo close!