Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Few Ways that the Internet Rules

I was thinking today about some of the ways the internet has made my life better. Here's a few that pop into my head.

1. Through our homelink.org membership, we can do home exchanges all over the world and get to be accommodated for free in a local home. We've done it three times so far. We can also do "nonsimultaneous exchanges," meaning that we are hosted and host another family. We did this for the wedding in Miami and got to stay with these amazing people who served us the most delicious cafe con leche I've ever had in my life, took us to a Cuban restaurant, and talked Harry Potter:I wasn't so sure what I thought at first of these nonsimultaneous exchanges, but I can honestly say that our time with this family in Miami was so beyond wonderful. I even slept soundly both nights we were there (for me, that's a big issue). I am so looking forward to them visiting us one of these days, whenever they can make their way to the west coast.

2. Thanks to the blogging world, I have met so many wonderful people, many of whom are linked in my sidebar. We got to have lunch last week with some of these bloggers, another couple adopting from Ethiopia. They posted about it here. How cool are they? I felt like we were having lunch with rock stars...except really down-to-earth, funny rock stars who believe a lot of the same stuff that we do and who were sly enough to play a joke on Ted (not an easy feat).

3. Also thanks to the blogging world, I reconnected with this guy who was my friend Chris's roommate ages ago in Prague. He's now biking all the way across the U.S. for charity. We once spent a day at Ikea and later drinking tea at a Buddha-themed restaurant in the shadow of the castle in Hradcany. Now he's going to end up in our neck of the woods in Oregon next month. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we get to host him for a couple of days before he flies back home.

4. Lastly, because of the internet, one can see videos like this, which are just sickeningly cute. And who doesn't like to be sickened by the cute-ness?

When you're done with all the gagging, hurling, rolphing from the above video, feel free to share how your life is more bright and beautiful thanks to our fuzzy friend, Mr. Internet.


Tara said...

i just found that video randomly the other day! youre right, so cute, i want to puke. :)

The Elliott Family said...

You find the most awesome videos!

Mr Internet was wonderful while you are waiting to get your child! It was a lifeline sometimes and sometimes you truly felt connected to your child in some way...esp. when all the paperwork is done and there's nothing else to work on!

I also met a great friend and confidante whose daughter is just a year older than mine and from the same orphanage. Won't it be great for the kids to have each other to talk to some day when all the questions start to come, and Mom and Dad just don't cut it?

I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Jana said...

bleeeech. bleeeeeeeeeech.

that's me barfing. seriously, it's painful, it's so cute.

Jana said...

also, how do I find out more about home exchange? homelink.net isn't a website, is it?


Lori said...

Woops! Sorry, Jana, it's not net, but org. That's what I get for not checking my links before posting. Hope it works for you now. We have had awesome experiences with this network of people.

Jana said...

I'm not really sure who'd really want to come to Dallas, but we may give it whirl. Maybe someone obsessed with JFK. Or cowboys.