Monday, August 6, 2007

80-Year-Old Flirting

Ted's dad seems to be getting a growing fan-base through his occasional appearances here on our blog. Yesterday, I got the following message from him on my cell phone:

Hi Lori, this is your gramp..., no I'm not your grandfather! I'm your father-in-law! I'm up at the grill, Portland Grill, with this lady. I'm sitting here because she had reading glasses and I didn't bring mine and she allowed me to sit with her. But she's loaded and she doesn't have any money and I'm gonna have to pay her tab and she lives in Salem so I just needed ...just call me back and let me know what I should do, ok? (lots of girlish laughter in the background).

It looks like someone was calling me from Sunday happy-hour as a means to flirt with a cute little lady from Salem. What's funny to me is that, had I picked up the phone when he called, the "conversation" would probably have gone the exact same way.

Keep on truckin' Ed.


Tara said...

haha! thats is so funny, he sounds like a great (and entertaining)father in law!

Susan Isaacs said...
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Susan Isaacs said...

Wow. I wish my mom had the gumption to go flirt.

Hey I found the next youtube video for Ted to parody: Chocolate Rain