Monday, September 3, 2007

Caption Contest 1

Winner will receive a chintzy Irish gift from a road-side stop. Magnet or tea towel, your choice.


Anonymous said...

1. "Try my new Rooney travel book; Europe on 50 cents a day!"

2. "The book said there was a grocery store here??"

3. "Ah, the fresh Irish air, a stroll along the the sweet waters, the dazzling mossy rockery, and a really neat shopping cart!"

Rusty Spell said...

"How To See Ireland on Whatever Change Non-Homeless Tourists Will Give You a Day"

Anonymous said...

Ted shares his discovery of the source of the wobbly wheel shopping cart, coming soon to a store near you!

Anonymous said...

Does this book make my cart look big?



Anonymous said...

Scratch that...

Does this book make my buggy look big?

(I too am a buggy girl from Florida originally!!)

:D Steph