Friday, September 21, 2007

This Blogging Community

This couldn't have been a more perfect September morning. I still haven't gotten over jet-lag, but I'm actually pretty happy about that, as it means that I'm asleep most nights by 10:00 and awake at 6:00 or 7:00. For those who know about my difficulties sleeping, this sleeping such regular hours is a big deal. I'm very thankful.

This morning I woke up having slept like a normal person and saw that it's going to be one of those gorgeous, sunny, crisp days. I came down and ground my favorite "smooth and mellow" TJ's coffeebeans and ended up not long after at the computer, going through my daily check of blogs.

Then...lo and behold...I'm crying. Drew and Carey got their referral of the itsiest bitsiest most gorgeous 10 week old baby girl who they've named Zoe.

We had the chance to meet Drew and Carey a couple of months ago while we were both down in Southern California, so happy to have another Gladney couple relatively close by. We talked about how envious we'd been of all you Midwesterners and Texans who have lots and lots of other Gladney families in the vicinity to meet up with. We went to our requisite Ethiopian dinner and had the best time sitting around talking about the whole process and finding out that we share a lot of the same opinions about lots of things. And it'll be so fun one of these days to have our kids meet and maybe play at the beach.

So as I read their blog and looked at that pretty Zoe face, I kept getting choked up. Of course, it's because I'm so happy for them, but I also felt so thankful for this blogging community. Right after reading their wonderful news, I came upon this artwork by a fellow blogger and gasped at how beautiful and brave her work is. I can't get over how giving and generous it is that all of you bloggers are putting your lives out there for others to be encouraged and challenged by.

Yesterday while having breakfast with a friend-in-the-flesh here in Portland, I realized how often I was bringing up different bloggers whenever she'd ask me about the adoption process. On one hand, it feels a little embarrassing to know that I'm talking about you guys like we're life-long friends while in reality I've only met Drew and Carey in person. But on the other hand, this is the 21st century after all and I guess it's time to accept that the World Wide Web just might be our modern day town hall/living room.

So, thanks to all you adoption bloggers who have been such an inspiration to me and to so many others. I know that this process would be so much harder without all the insider tips, cheerleading, humor, and yes even friendship that you offer.
We got this brief email today from Kate:

I received the CIS document today and have sent it off for processing. I will let you know when it’s back and everything is ready to go to DC.

That was faster than we thought, always a nice surprise in this process. When everything goes to DC, we are officially on the waiting list. Whew. This may well be when I start to finally get excited.


Amy B. said...

I feel the same sentiment. It is amazing the support you can feel from people that you have never met. I am equally excited for Drew and Carey. I told them that I actually gasp out loud when I saw that they had a referral. Oh...the kids and I put out our Halloween decorations and pumpkins yesterday...I am ready! Some might think it is early, but I feel that if the stores are putting out Christmas then, it is ok for me to put out Halloween. I will check back often to see the "officially waiting" post. :)Amy

Drew Carey Show said...

Thanks for celebrating us in your post! keeping a blog and the friendships and sense of community we've developed has been such a highlight in this whole process. This has been the most special experience of our lives -- even before getting our referral. Now that we've met Zoe, well, wow... it doesn't get much better than this! Now if the courts will just open, so we can have her in our loving arms! Oh, enjoy the wait! It's difficult, but it's so very special and makes the referral that much better! I sobbed like a baby! It was the greatest experience of my life! I can't wait for your day to come too -- and so look forward to our future play dates!

Jana said...

hey--thanks for the sweet mention....and the enouragement. I've loved connecting with people, too! Wouldn't it be fun to meet up somewhere beautiful and have an extended playdate/vacay with our little ethiopian people? Someday. :)

Get excited!!! I'm excited for you!