Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Frozen Multnomah Falls

Ted heard early this morning on the radio that Multomah Falls had frozen over for the first time in several years, so we decided to drive out there this afternoon with D and L to see for ourselves. I had never seen the falls in this state. It was a lot of fun skidding around on the icy paths and seeing the wonder of what happens when constant waterfall spray freezes on blades of grass and chains. It was beautiful, and I had yet another moment of feeling so lucky to live in Oregon.

There's still no news from Ethiopia. Apparently, the phone lines were jammed and our caseworker couldn't get through to find out if anything is moving along or not. I did get an email today from a mom who is there now in Addis and who got to meet Abenezer. This is what she said:

We got to visit Abenezer today! When we arrived to the foster house, he was outside sunbathing on a foam mattress on the lawn. There were naked baby tushies as far as the eye could see!

Pretty funny image there, though reading this gave me those unpleasant pangs of deep longing to be the one there getting to meet him. I'm so thankful for any bit of news and look forward, as always, to more pictures. Yesterday was an especially sad, emotional day for me (I never know when these are going to hit me), so this trip out to the gorge today was a nice break.

I offer documentation of the trip today. Drive east on the 84 towards the gorge, and you'll get to see Mt. Hood:

We arrived at Multnomah Falls and the love of my life threatened us all with a sharp icicle:

Here are the falls in all their glory:

Here's the view from the bridge. Note the ice-covered pathway:

What frozen waterfall mist does to grass and branches:

Not being afraid of heights, I leaned over the railing of the bridge to get this picture of the almost-frozen bottom of the falls:

Weirdness at the bottom of the falls:
So while Abenezer is sunning his tush in Ethiopia, his mom and dad (hopefully) are freezing their tushies in Oregon. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

I'll leave you with a video of L (Ted's nephew's awesome girlfriend) tushie-sledding down the path, with the help of a very concerned tourist. He seemed pretty aghast that the men were just standing around letting her do this--he reached out to help her at the end with a disapproving look on his face. All those worried "oohs" are his:

And finally my turn. It was a lot of fun, especially the one bump on the path:


Angie said...

Lori - these photos are beautiful. And the tushie-sledding looks like a total blast. Glad to see you guys out having so much fun! Funny how you and Abenezer were both using your tushies today! I hope you get some great news soon.

veggiemom said...

Feels weird to say I hope Abe is freezing with you guys soon but you know what I mean. Love the pics!
Kerri and Ruby

Jocelyn said...

You are so cute:-) I am sorry you didn't hear any news today...I hope tomorrow bring some. Try to stay warm and please don't look over the bridge again to take a picture, you made me nervous and I'm sitting in my warm bed watching TV:-)

Meredith said...

I can't believe you got to sled at the falls! It looks like so much fun. Are you a fan of the group Sweet Honey in the Rock? You and Ted should go see them Feb. 8th at ARLENE SCHNITZER CONCERT HALL for me!!!

Amy B. said...

What amazing pictures. That is really a beautiful sight...I can't imagine seeing that in person. The videos at the end were great too...I love the man that was trying to help out...too funny :)

That is sweet news on Abenezer. I hope you guys can hear something soon.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, L's going to be sorry his missed it! The photos are lovely. I am glad that D & L were able to go out there with you. Sure looks like a good time. How about a movie sometime soon?
Love, Stephanie.

PS. That candle is still burning...

Melissa said...

So glad to see you having a good time. I love the pics. I can't believe it actually froze over. That's nuts!
Its so so so very nice to see your smiles!

Shelia Earl Photography said...

What beautiful pictures!! Your blog is always so good: inspirational, heartwarming, caring, and LOADS of fun!! Thank you for sharing your "getaway" story and pictures. We check your blog everyday and are still praying for you all (that's the Texan part coming out, huh?).
Shelia (Skopje)

Stephanie said...

Hi Lori! I love the pictures and videos. It's great to see you out tushie-sledding. I think I need to find an ice covered sidewalk now! It's -11ยบ this morning here! Brrr. Have a great day. I'm still praying for you!

m&r said...

Thanks for checking in on our blog. Your posts continue to be heartwarming and we are glad to see that you are able to laugh through this difficult time!

ps - I think the bottle of wine you noted on our blog was a Mueller? In any case, it was definitely an Oregon wine - my husband is from OR and we picked up quite a few bottles on a winery tour when we visited last summer :)

Mollie said...

aww it looks like you had a good time.. there is nothing like the beauty of creation to make you thankful for everything in your life.. even when things aren't always going the way you'd hope..

You, Ted & baby Abe are in my thoughts and prayers


Jana said...

it's true--you are so cute! And those pictures of the falls are gorgeous. I visited there once in high school. Oregon is so lovely.

Thinking of ya.

Jennifer said...

Stay positive and don't lose the faith. We are praying for you and little Abe.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the Oregonian photographers yesterday at the falls? The front page today is that frozen falls!

mama becca said...

That looks SO FUN!
Can we come visit someday??? Thanks for sharing the pictures. Beautiful sights to behold!
Hope we hear something soon on baby Abe. I imagine our little one was sunbathing with him :).

Shelly Roberts said...

Thinking of you! ... always waiting for more news about Baby Abe. :) Praying for you through this journey! Blessings, ~Shelly

graceling said...

Looks like so much fun!

Fresh air does wonders for the psyche.

Gurskes said...

Aren't the Falls wonderful when their frozen. I have NEVER seen them that frozen but I have seen parts and I LOVE IT! We usually drive by them every year.

Many prayers still coming your way!

Owlhaven said...

Great pictures! We've been there too, but not in that weather! You won my Opinion Saturday question-- email me if you'd like the award to put on your blog.

Mary, mom to many, including 4 from Ethiopia

Natalie Fournet said...

I could never lean over the rail...I am so scared of heights..even that picture is kinda scary:) Praying your tushie warms up in Ethiopia soon! Natalie

Stacie said...

OOH - I just saw that you won an award - how cool is that?

The falls look amazing - I'm going to email this post to my sis who normally lives in OR, but is spending the year living in Costa Rica. Poor her missing out on this beautiful sight. :)

The bum-slide thing looks like so much fun!

Tara said...

Oh, I want to go to Multnomah Falls!
Once we are home with Malak we will be back in Portland to show him off to the fam...we will have to meet up!

Courtney Rose said...


Such beautiful pictures! Nature is truly a delight in the winter. And then in the spring. And then in the summer (well, early summer anyway). And then definitely in the autumn.

You have a gorgeous smile- it's nice seeing you light up. Keep on nurturing your spirit, 'kay?

Jo Hertel said...

What awesome photos - would love to see the falls in person!