Monday, January 14, 2008

Through a Glass Darkly

Still cautiously optimistic, we found out today that the big meeting this week is going to happen on Wednesday. We got some other interesting news, with more clarification of what happened in court last Friday that makes the situation a tad less baffling but that also makes the case Gladney is working on even stronger.

We already had a lot of confidence in the Gladney team, but that's growing even stronger. We also feel like some of the conversations and "chance" meetings going on are a direct result of prayer, so we want again to thank all of you who are taking the time to remember us, Abenezer, Belay, and the rest of the Gladney team in your prayers. Thank you!

Since we're in unknown waters here, no one is sure of what steps are going to come after this Wednesday's meeting. We're preparing ourselves for the full range of outcomes, delays, postponements or resolutions. We've got the full gamut of emotions going on right now with all these possibilities.

During this wait-time, I'm reading The Shack, a book about a man grieving the tragic loss of his young daughter. He meets the Trinity in the form of a pie-baking African American woman, a Middle-Eastern wood-worker (ok, that one's pretty straightforward), and a small Asian gardener who flits around wearing shimmery colors. The story, though a bit out there, is hitting me as a comfort these days, managing to stretch my imagination of what God is like, thus building my faith and helping me figure out how to see beyond the cracked world we live in. There's so much going on in reality that we never experience with our human senses and logic, something I often forget if not reminded. We really do see through a glass darkly and some seasons are a lot darker than others.

I cried all the way through the article in Parade by Melissa Faye Greene. If you didn't get a chance to read it, you can find it here.


Robin said...

Hey Guys,

I haven't been following the blogs as much as I should since we returned home in November with Pickles. Your story really, really touched me. Our sitution was another one of those: "this has never happened before." For 2 1/2 months we agonized over how they were going to "un" adopt Pickles to the name that didn't exist. Our first names were correct on our adoption contract, but another family's last name was put in in error. Throughout the entire process, Gladney stepped up to the plate, took accountability and did EVERYTHING they could to rectify the sitation. Unfortunately, God had other plans and we had to wait until courts reopened in October to find out what they would do. Fortunately, it was an easy fix. All those worries, concerns and most of all fears, just slipped away.

Never in those 2 1/2 months did we lose faith in Gladney. They communicated, communicated and communicated, and mostly they were honest, and both David and I really respect and admire their integrity, not only as individuals, but as an organization.

I know the "not knowing" is tough, but hang in there, be on your knees praying...God has a reason for everything, even a delay that seems totally ridiculous.

We'll keep you in our prayers,

veggiemom said...

I'll be thinking of you and hoping to see good news on Wednesday.
Kerri and Ruby

Stephanie said...

Thank you for the link to the article! So touching! And thank you, thank you for the update!! I am praying for you all.

Oh and that book Shack sounds like a good read!

A Team said...

Thanks so much for updating us. I check daily... just longing to good news :-)

Thinking of you so often and praying for you


Jocelyn said...

Thanks for updating so frequently. We in this blog community are all there with you. I hope you know that!

Amy said...

Great article...Thanks for posting it.

I too have been checking your blog many times a day waiting for GOOD news. You continue to be in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

you are the second person in a week to recommend The Shack. Guess I better get it! : )

Also, loved the Melissa Faye Greene was in Parade, thought it was so timely because of you three!

Can't wait for Wednesday!

Annie said...

Thinking of you and keeping you in prayer. Your strength is amazing...yes, I know it is by God's grace...still, to be admired...

My brother called me about the article informing me of some lady who adopted from Ethiopia and took her daughter back to her homeland. I saw it and said "Oh, there's Melissa."...little did he know it was the same lady I had been asking him to read her book these past 6 months.

My continued prayers are with you-

mama becca said...

For us, this is a battle. Life is a battle, and we know that the devil's butt got kicked in the end, but we're still in the midst of hardship. So we are on-board to help fight this battle. Thanks for the update so that we know how to pray.

Meredith said...

I have also been checking your blog every few hours. Thanks for the updates. You are such an amazing writer, Lori! I am touched every time I come here.

Natalie Fournet said...

Praying for a sweet devotional today about an old Pastor named Abenezer and his sweet faith. Made me pray more for your sweet Abenezer. Natalie

Anonymous said...

The Melissa Faye Green article was great. Isn't that what we all want for our children- as sense of humility and a servant's heart? Ah! I just put a hold on MFG's book at the library- I've been meaning to pick up a copy for a while. Now's my chance. We're in this with you Lori. . .

In Christ's peace,

Anonymous said...

I hadn't read that article....amazing.
Holding on for Wednesday...prayers continue.

Natalie Fournet said...

I scanned a copy of it into a Word doc for you. I can email it to you. Natalie

Aimee said...

Know that you are being thought of and prayed for by people you don't even know (such as me). Although not my agency, I have admired the work Gladney has done in advocating for their families. You are lucky to have them on your (and Abenezer's)side.


Stacie said...

I just wanted to let you know that I'm still thinking of you three and praying for you and the Gladney staff. I pray we all hear some good news this week!

Natalie Fournet said...

I can email this too if you leave me your email address...and the scanning messed up some words, sorry...

Resting on That Word
January 14
Among the lesser-known heroes of the church is a man with the unlikely name of Ebenezer Erskine, who first fell in love with Exodus 20:2 at age ten when his father, Rev. Henry Erskine, was Teaching on the Shorter Catechism. The forty-third question Mks: "What is the preface to the Ten Commandments?" The answer: "The preface to the Ten Commandments is: 'I am the Lord thy God which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt. . . .'" Young Ebenezer learned the whole Catechism, but this question look central place in his thoughts.

Eighteen years later he followed his father's steps into the pastorate. But I began my ministry without much zeal, mechani-. cally, being swallowed up in unbelief. One day his wife grew fevered, and in her delirium, she cried out about her husband's cold heart. Ebenezer, sitting by her, was pierced, and the old text came kick to him: l am the Lord your God. Shortly after, he offered himself up, soul and body, unto God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I flee for shelter to the blood of Jesus. I will live to him; I will die to him.

Ten years later, now a 38-year-old pastor, he preached a pow¬erful sermon on his old text: I am the Lord thy God. It made a lasting impression on his congregation and swept over Scotland in printed form.

More years passed, and Erskine gave out at age 73. One of his elders, visiting his bedside, said, "You have often given us good advice, Mr. Erskine, as to what we should do with our souls in death; may I ask what you are now doing with your own?"
"I am doing what I did forty years ago," replied the old preacher. "I am resting on that word, 'I am the Lord thy God.'"

Today's Suggested Reading
Exodus 20:1-11
I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Exodus 20:2

Anonymous said...

Lori: Loved the article. Like others I am checking often hoping to see good news as I continue to pray. Love,